Ken Peters' Column - Aug. 29/07

Check out today's Spectator to see direct quotes from this web site via Ken Peters.

For the most part, it doesn't paint a very happy fan picture.

Actually, if you frequent the site, there's nothing new, but it is interesting to see some of our alumni quoted
in the paper.

Here One about Fans

Ken has another One here about the Team

I can't believe Peters is now publishing comments from the website. Im almost speechless as to how pathetic it is.

And by no means do my comments reflect the opinions of the posters but is is that difficult to find a 'real' person to offer up this opinions?

I'm amazed he didn't use any of the quotes from the Ken Peters is a terrible journalist threads.

I don't have a problem with the quotes. Its simply a cross section of what folks are saying on the site.

Actually, I think it might be a very good cross section of what people are saying across the country.

I'm not defending Ken because there is nothing to defend. Anyone has the right to go to the site and see much for than what the Spectator allowed.

This Should be seen as Constructive Criticism .

Copying & pasting negative comments is much easier and probably sells better than digging deeper and getting both sides of any story.

Your just jealous your comments never made it to the show :stuck_out_tongue:

What bugs me is that in yesterdays paper there was a little blurb asking people to send their comments to an email address.... now they just take comments off the public forum and publish them??? Are they even allowed to do that without mentioning exactly where they came from???

It's not bad enough that I have to try not to read those posts on here, now I can't even open the spec without seeing them. :wink:

Peters isn't the only one doing it. A few weeks ago I saw one of my posts in the National Post. And a couple of years ago, a bit I wrote for a friend's blog on Don Cherry ended up in an Egyptian newspaper of all places. Technology makes it all possible.

An Argo-Cat fan

Try moving out of town, it worked for me! :wink:

That's because he chose no posts that criticize Maas.

But yes that was journalism at it's laziest lol. I wish I could get paid to write a paragraph then copy and paste a bunch of quotes off an internet forum then call it a day.

The Hamilton fans have been long suffering. I think Bob can take courage that at least they still care.
As a wise old timer once said, in my youthful days trying to understand women. "Its better to have them mad at you then indifferent". :slight_smile:
The same can be said about the Hamilton fans.

You obviously haven't met the same women as I have. :wink:

However, I do agree it applies to the team though. TiCat fans are truly amazing.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think I'm too positive to make it in a Peters

ohhh yeaa...haha...I wonder if I can sue for my comment being published without my permission? lol jk

It would be an honor to have one of my posts published in a newspaper. If guys see my posts published, can you let me know? Thank you very much.

No, you can't sue. haha. Because this is a public forum and you've publicly posted. unless he uses your quote without mentioning your name and takes credit for your post. but then with all the trouble, you'll get $1.

Can't wait for the Ken Peters column that summarizes some of the forum's feedback on Ken Peters