Ken Peters Cat Chat

Kenny tells us to be constructive,

be interesting. Don't be nasty.

What in the name of 'blazing saddles' is this?

  1. 'I don't think Jo-Jo Walker is
    good enough to play on this team.

I'm not sure if the reason he is here

is perhaps a reflection that

Obie didn't bring in good enough imports?'

Ken talks about Charlie mentioning
the need for patience and says

'Taaffe must know he is on a short leash....

Do you think Scott Mitchell will let
you go 0-5 again this season????'

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Ron wrote: "What in the name of 'blazing saddles' is this? "

Ron: A pretty good assessment of things I'd say!

That Kenny sure is a 'cheeky boy', mr62cats.

sorry but When did Kenny Become an GM and Coach.
Did Kenny not See what a Great Camp Jojo had.
He beat out Guys Fair and Square.

Peters is a Odd little man lol
If He is not careful someone in the locker room will be like Ozzy was in back in Day
Everyone knows Ozzy had a Problem with last Beat Reporter before Kenny..

Yikes! Kenny, the perpetually poorly penned punster Peters has problems with potential performance. Pray his predictions produce a pre-amble to our post play-off success pleasure in preying upon his prognostications.

Yes, it's that painful.

:thup: :lol: :lol:

Ockham: I also nominate this for the post of the month.

If anyone here thinks Ken Peters knows football or what he is talking about then you're sadly mistaken.

If you want to read real football articles then stick to the ones Steve Milton writes.


Agreed... Milton is a Great Writer ..

The part that isn't fair by Ken is that he gives the impression that "growing pains" = 0-5. Taffe never said that.

Growing pains means different things to different growing things ...

It just seems strange to me to keep hearing Taffe downplay expectations when Mitchell, Obilovich and Young say the exact opposite.
Which is it? KP might feel the same?

As far as JoJo well I can understand his reasoning.The guy had a good camp...ok but how many receivers do well in camp where contact is limited? There are two reasons why a receiver has the "dropsies". One he fears contact or two he has a confidence problem.

If he still has the dropsies after the first couple game, they'll cure it...

"dropsies" - Do you mean Chris Bauman?

Give me an example from last season when JoJo dropped an easy pass. From what I remember he only dropped passes when his helmet was getting ripped off. I love how JoJo drops one pass in pre-season and all of a sudden he has the "dropsies" you people must be watching something entirely different compared to the rest of us.

CAN WE PLEASE GIVE IT A REST! JoJo Walker will be just fine. He did a good job when called upon last year as a rookie in this league.

what he said :thup:

Compared to last year the 2008 version of the Tiger Cats as has already been said, are bigger and faster. Having two experienced co-ordinators will help dramatically too, hopefully no more of hearing Zeke yelling "call a play...any play!"

What I like is that the secondary will have no rookies starting barring injury, all are entering at least their second year of CFL experience. I feel the linebackers will be stronger as a unit because of Knowlton at the weakside. I believe the additions of Botterill, Smith and Williams will be assets to the special teams.

The inexperience at the Defensive Tackle positions is a concern and the recievers as a group while bigger and faster than last year are greener. That could mean more reciever initiated offsides in the early going and they are going to need to constantly be aware if a play breaks down and Casey is improvising on the run to cut their route short because it has big play potential with a QB like Casey. Having said that, the team in the preseason has taken fewer penalties but obvisously the regular season is a way different beast.

yikes, for a second there you had me thinking you ARE Ken Peters.

naw, couldn't be. kenny doesn't rite so good ...

Hey! Them's fightin' words.