Ken Peters calls for Eakin to start

In todays Spec, Ken Peters calls for Kevin Eakin to start against the Stamps

Can't say I agree with him...fact is, Maas has been handcuffed by a poorly thought out offensive game plan.

Ken Peters what an endorsement.

what would it hurt? Try it.

It seems that Maas has happy feet when he drops to pass. I still think that the rollout pass should be incorporated in this offense.

In the first four games of the 2006 season, the Ticats have scored a total of 60 points in the first half and only 14 points in the second half. This second half scoring drought is a Ticat trend that has carried over from last year. For some reason, the team has usually come up short in the making of half-time offensive adjustments.

Despite the Ticats' current 0 and 4 record, Jason Maas is putting in a good effort for the Ticats and should get the start against Calgary next Friday. However, if the Ticats are trailing at half-time, or if the offence has not scored at least 15 points by half-time, there would be nothing to lose by starting Kevin Eakin in the second half. Now that would be a half-time adjustment.

Ken Peters ...hmmmm

Wasn't he an entertainment columnist with the Spec before his sporting days?


i gotta agree with him.. i seen nothing but good things from him last year and while he plaed in NFL Europe.. hes a definate leader who can controll an offence well.. hes cocky and gets the job done.. i say why not! i like the guy

thats the best thing peters has said in a wile

I Agree Start Kevin Eakin...
One Game Can't Hurt Where Already 0-4

The BIG offensive problem is a horrific run block game. (and dropped passes) I like Eakin, but unless he can block defensive tackles changing the starting QB will be mostly be a kick in the supporter for Jason. Don't want to give any merit to the weak "gellin" excuse.

Can Eakin block? Can he establish a running game? Can he get the receivers to hang onto catchable balls? Can he prevent dumb offensive penalties?

Sorry Kenny - stick to reporting the facts. :thdn:

Peters is a crap sports writer and now he wants to be coach.

Soooo...if I got to coach, I would put Eakin in for the start of the second half if we are faltering in any way. We've looked awful in the second half all season. Eaking could provide the spark needed. However...he doesn't start the game.

I'll go back to being a fan again.

eakin throws a perfect long pass… doesnt over throw receivers… cough

Both QB's are using the same play book but Kevin may have the timing down a little better, he might axecute the plays a little differently, he may have a better touch on the ball, he has a very quick release (like Danny Mac) and from what I've seen of him in the past, he has a good set of wheels.
I say ~ why not give him a try, he needs the reps anyway.


Although Maas underthrew alot of deeper passes last week, hes still the man. After all wasnt he the Ticats "Big" offseason acquisition?

No he was The Ticats Big Mistake..
acquisition Means he wants to be here
He Showing me He dose not want to be here
Where the Fire Edmonton Fans Told us we'd have

He Leaves his Family out west.
so His Heart is there and not on the Field.
Where it should be..

Ken Is Right this Time..
Even a Blind man can Find a Peanut in Room Full of them

I think Ken Peters edited my post because I said FuK Ken Peters!

When the real Ti-Cat analyser and reporter calls for the same,then I'll read it .

In the mean time ....Ken Who???

Yeah, you’re right, there were a lot of off season signings and a lot of high priced talent but none have shown anything yet.
We’re still going to D J Flick and Craig Yeast.

Since we have had trouble scoring in the second half I think it might be a good idea to put Eakin in for the first series of the third quarter.