Ken Peters article on Jesse Lumsden

Interesting article. Thanks for the link.

An Argo-Cat fan

From Reading the Article I get a Feeling Jesse is as good as Gone.

All doom and gloom again Tom? It's getting to be a broken record.

Sorry Sigpig read Between the Lines..

“I’m frustrated with a lot of things. I’m frustrated that I have to have surgery again, I’m frustrated, personally, that my season ended the way it did and with the team.
I can never be content with losing. I can never form this habit of losing. The only thing I want to do is get out of it.have no qualms or quarrels with anyone in this organization or resentment towards anyone. It wouldn’t be those reasons if I weren’t going to be in Hamilton.?
Fabio told me, ‘You have to get your edge back.’

Dose this sound like Someone coming back . IMO No..

I just read the article and I would have to agree with Onknight, that from the things Lumsden said it doesn't sound like he's real excited about staying a Tiger Cat.
Although I do feel he needs to show some loyalty. I think he at least owes the Cats a full season.

Hamilton drafted him and put up with him missing a half a season twice with his NFL tryouts and then almost another 2 full half seasons with injuries. It's like he's only played 2 seasons out of 4. And even the years he tried to make it in the NFL he was banged up. A wonky ankle in Seattle was his downfall and I believe the year before that he had something wrong with him also when he was cut from Washington.

Lumsden is becoming the Mickey Mantle of the CFL, great when he plays but he is hurt all the time

I hope Jesse stays with the Cats too. But I don't think he owes the team anything as a show of loyalty. They didn't "put up" with him trying the NFL.... that was his right and his choice.

As for the injuries, both in the NFL and the CFL, they are a risk a team runs when signing any player. He fulfilled his contract, and is entitled to check out the field for the best opportunity. Given his frequency of injury, he may find that no other team is likelier than Hamilton to give him a good contract. If one does and he goes, good on him.... except when he plays us. If he stays here, then let's hope he stays healthy and plays well.

Everyone will read something different into this article. My read is that Jesse is looking at a career ending injury and may not get the chance to play again. Other teams may not take a chance on him, so he needs to make sure he has a job still in Hamilton, whatever that job may be. I wouldn't want to be Jesse Lumsden right now.