Ken Peters article May 23

Why on earth would you start a CFL article with this statement, "The second best pro football tenant at the Rogers Centre" ?

That our Kenny :slight_smile:

Because its true!?

A cheap, provocative joke meant to gin up reader response.

Football reporters with real acumen and insight dont need to do this but, hey, it's Kenny.

Makes no sense anyway. How are the Bills a "tenant" of Rogers Centre?

The Bills would be the second best tenant if they played the Argos under CFL rules.

Not a chance double blue, the Bills would destroy the argos under any rules. It's one thing to be a die hard fan but come on you cant think your team will beat everybody, expecially when the argos are gonna have a hard enough time this year beating anybody.



HA HA HA what a joke, the bills 2nd stringers would kill the Argos

That's shows how much you guys know about football.
I guarantee the Argo defense would shut down the Bills under CFL rules.
They might give up some yardage along the ground, Argos do that for everybody. But they would make J.P. Losman look like the second coming of Vince Ferragamo once he tried to throw.
We will never see it though because the Bills would never play the Argos under CFL rules. They're not that stupid.

id bet $10Gs that the argos would beat the bills playing CFL rules.

You're on!

organize the game! and be prepared to hand over $10G’s.

first off double blue it would be trent edwards not losman at QB secondly the bills would never have to even throw the ball as our line would just push your d line around like little girls and lynch would just run all over them seriously if this game was to ever take place ( not that it ever will, thats why this is a pretty dumb thread ) but anyways if it were were to take place i would bet 100g's on the Bills without hesitation.



Beet and mrs beet, along with the beetlets, would be die hard bills fans for a day I can say that much. There is no situation in which I would cheer for the argos.

Watching a game between the blue team and the Barfallo Jills would be like watching a game between the Maple Laughs and the Bruins. I wouldn’t care who won, because I loathe both teams…

I believe the Bills would crush the Argos, or any other CFL team, regardless which rules were used.

Way back in the 50s and early 60s, middle of the pack NFL teams routinely whipped CFL teams in exhibition games using half CFL/ half NFL rules. This was in an era when player pay scales were comparable and coaching and training techniques in the US were not as far ahead as they are now. The only exception was a victory by our very own Tiger-Cats against the Bills... but the Bills were a first year AFL expansion team at the time. Ralph Wilson challenged Ralph Sazio to a rematch, and Sazio wisely declined.

I don't see why CFL fans need to pretend our league is as good as the NFL in terms of talent and skill. It's the second-best league in the world in football, and has unique characteristics and traditions that make it especially entertaining and exciting. That's more than enough for me. I'd rather watch a CFL game any day, it's my game and my country's history and national championship. I don't have to pretend it is something it isn't in order for it to be important to me.

I agree with you almost completely, but I always find it problematic to compare the NFL and CFL. Yes they both play football but with the different rules, they both attract different types of players with different skill sets just like the Arena Football League. Who is to say one is better than the other?

Could Trent Edwards be a successful CFL quarterback? I bet most would say no, but who is to say?

I gave up long ago arguing with NFL fans who think the CFL is sub par. Because the only thing most people judge by is television ratings and salaries.

Just because something or someone is the most visible doesn't mean it's better!

  • paul

I think it'd be closer than a lot think. On timecount violations alone, the Argos would have consistently sweet field position.

If the Argos/ CFL team got out to quick leads, using the rules, I think it could make it close. However, I think the linemen in the NFL are bigger and better than in the C.

If the rules were reversed, then, yeah, it'd be a slaughter.