Ken Miller

I have to say i am disappointed in Ken Miller now more then ever, if that was even possible..
He's not the kind of coach this team needs, he's way to laid back. we need a more in your face coach who will challenge the team not stand there with a stunned look on his face int. after int.
I can't believe he left bishop in as long as he did it took away any chance we had.
He should resign and make way for someone who can make the tough choices sooner rather than later.

I completely agree. Ken Miller got what Ken Miller should have expected out of Bishop. I think it is time to finally give Richie Hall a shot at that job. If we don’t, I think some other team (e.g. Toronto) might. Ken Miller may have been a good OC, but he did not make the most prudent decisions late in this season. Unless he knows something about Durant that we don’t, Durant seemed like the much more obvious choice.

Normally, I am one of the first to welcome any new member to the board and I do that. But as for the content of your first post, I want to find a polite way to say "Get lost". Sure Miller made mistakes. You never did at your work or you've gotten 100% on all your exams in school? We had a spectacular season in the circumstances. Bishop is likely done but to say Miller should go is preposterous. Who else has done what we did - that has gotten 12 wins in this kind of year? Listen, playoffs in the CFL are an all or nothing affair. One bad game and the team is out. We had a badly timed bad game ... at least on offence.

I have to disagree with your perspective on Miller. Yes he helped get us to 12-6 this year and the Riders showed amazing heart in many of their games, but his management of his QB resources was not up to par. He did not make one mistake, he made a series of mistakes and, while you cannot say that this cost the Riders the game, he did not give the Riders every chance to win the game. In all my years of being a Rider fan, I never thought I would be calling for the head Coach of a 12-6 second place team, but, in this case, I feel it is warranted to at least consider. Sticking with Bishop was just a bad decision. This is the second time he did it. Is that who we want guiding this team next year? My answer is no.

I not think that Miller needs to be called to carpet for his decisions this game and over the last half of the season. Tillman does as well. With the exception of one or two players this year and one or two players last year, Tillman has move this team backwards to the point where without going out a getting a real starter next year, we will have another early exit from the playoffs.

legalbeagle, if you can't handle a differing opinion to your own you shouldn't be posting rude comments that diminish any respect you may have had or earned.
The fact is the coach is ultimately responsible for his choices or lack there of.
Richie hall should have had that job in the first place and it would be a shame to lose him.

Ken Miller is a great coach, we lost in the playoffs and right away he should be fired wtf??? Leave him alone! It's not his fault BIshop sucks!

OMG! Did you even listen to his press conference after the game...
All i can say is if we lose Ritchie hall to another team and keep a much older Ken Miller we will be in tough for years to come..

Stick around. I’m not concerned about losing respect. Can’t lose what I never had. :lol: I respect your opinion, just don’t agree with it … vehemently. Not because it is not valid, but because it is not in the spirit of Saskatchewan. We are known as the greatest fans in the league because we stick with our team through thick and thin. We’ve never been bailed out once, never folded … even if it was close. That spirit applies to each game, not just to each season. If we were 6 and 12 (or 9 and 9 for years), I’d be with ya, but a rookie head coach has to go after going 12 and 6?? I have an idea: why don’t we bring someone else in and start the learning curve all over again? Maybe some don’t want to hear it after a dissappointing loss that knocks us out of the playoffs, but it’s just a game and I choose to focus on the accomplishments.

I think we all need to sit on what happened, for a few days, reflect on what happened, and then re-assess Coach Miller's decision. In the end, he went with the guy he thought could help us win! It didn't work...Coach Miller isn't the first to make an incorrect decision, and he won't be the last. Guaranteed next week, one of the coach's will make a call that will cost them a trip to the Grey Cup. Experience is the best teacher!

Better good fortune next time!

Go Riders

Hindesight is 20-20. All the people who were against Bishop are saying "I told you so" and the Bishop supporters are silent. It could have been a win and all the Bishop supporters would be saying "I told you so" and the antagonists would be silent. Don't know until the game is over. there was no guarantee the game is won if someone else had started.

Ken Miller looks like a nice guy but is hopefully Richie Hall will be coach next year. If Ken thinks the qb he had in the game is going to win you a playoff game then maybe it would be better for him to be an assistant coach

Biggest coaching blunder of the year,or just complete and udder blind faith I say coaching blunder. Over the year miller never made the tough decision he changed QB's as they got hurt, not mutch decision makeing there. When the time came to make tough decisions he stuck with bishop yanked the other to starters who were moveing the ball quite well after 2 turn overs. in favor of the awsome arm that was bishop the quick yank for the other two was just a way to get bishop back in. You cant be the players buddy and win the tuff games any one remember Danny Berrit.

Mike is a Shivers lover. Said Tillman was bad hire. Said Austin was bad hire. Said Riders wouldnt win with them. Riders win 12 and got home playoff game and won Grey Cup. This year Riders win 12 and get home playoff game. 2 in a row. 1st ones since 1988. Shivers only had 1 winning season in 7 years. But ET is taking team backwards. Maybe in another year or 2 it will be this. As bad as the 1 Shivers and Barrett left Austin and Tillman.

When Riders win Mike never comes on for a day or 2. But Riders lose and Mike drives home. Goes straight to to piss on ET. Mike read what Shivers and Barrett did for us. Maybe you forgot. 0 home playoffs. 0 times in the Grey Cup. 1 winning season in 7 years.

I was wrong about Bishop. Should have put Durant in the game at half. Riders might have won. I wanted to win. Didnt care who started. But Bishop stayed in way to long. Bad decision.

On one hand, you say that Miller naver made the tough decision as he changed QBs as they got hurt. Then you note that he yanked other starters after 2 turnovers (not because of injury, I presume you mean). And those weren't tough decisions? So which is it? Did he make tough decisions or didn't he? Maybe he didn't this game, but please at least be logical within the same paragraph.

I guess what I should have said was i feel the decision to stick with bishop seemed to be a quite a few games back that has proved to be a very tough decision for miller now, I am not very sharp in the head after watching that game thanks for pointing that out. Bute tell me when do you think bishop should have been yanked.

Logical? This is Saskatchewan. :lol:

In the 2nd quarter. Or at half.

Mnay of the people I know wo work for the Riders say that Miller is a wonderful person. I can't disagree but I have never met him. I did think he palyed our QB's this year more like a baseball manager ( he used to coach baseball) and would pull one just like your pull a pitcher. I think that was a mistake. I think that he stuck with Bishop far too long. I expect that Bishop has played his last down of CFL football. He will be back to Arena ball (I wish him well there, just as long as he stays away from here). Miller had some palyers that played well, very well even, in relief early in the season and that may have given us falsely high hopes. Miller did not know who our starting QB was 16 games into the schedule; that is unacceptable as he needed to hitch his cart to one horse and use that QB. If he had stuck with Durant and started him as soon as he was healthy again, we may not have won 12 games but we would have been better prepared for a play-off game. I just don't think he is the coach to take us down the long-range path to success. I think we should seriously be looking for a long-term quality head coach.