Ken Miller

Hello guys, Ken Miller was named the green machine's offensive coordinator today.

well i dont no if i like this guy or really heard of him 8) but all i can say is... is better that Matt Dummaigan :roll: who was rumored to be the next Offence coordinator


Tillman hires his buddy Austin, then Austin goes and hires his buddy Miller. Miller has spent a few years in Toronto so he's not a raw rookie or anything, he has a fair bit of experience coaching both OC and DC. I don't know what to expect, but what I do know is that Rider fans wanted a house cleaning on the offensive side of things and that's what we got.

Ken Miller is a good guy and coach. He was shunted to the defense last year to make room for Charlie Carpenter, but IMO he is a better offensive coach. So he will be back in his strength with the Riders.

Seems like it should be alright, I was a big Barrett guy myself. Oh well the riders should be competitive!!!GO RIDERS GO!!!