Ken Miller Steps Down

8) According to TSN and Sportsnet, the Roughriders will hold a press conference this afternoon to announce that
 Head Coach Ken Miller is stepping down from his position as HC.

 He will move upstairs as V/P of Football Operations.  Miller will start the hunt for his new HC immediately.

Greg Marshall?

Ritchie Hall?

Will be interesting who steps in as HC of arguably the most valuable franchise in the CFL.

The fact that they have 3 former CFL HCs among their assistants, and Brendan Taman has close ties to 2 of them, should suggest it's unlikely they'd go outside the organization, if their choice is to "re-cycle." So, my opinion is that Marshall, and he too has ties to Taman, would stand a better chance than Hall.

But Miller will apparently be deciding who the coach will be (according to Dave Naylor). If that's the case, Hall has a better chance because he has ties to Miller. Naylor did say that Marshall is a candidate as well. Could make things difficult for Hamilton. If the Riders hire Hall, then do the Cats stay with Marshall?