Ken Miller Stepping Down
Ken Miller is stepping down as head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The team has called a news conference for Thursday afternoon to make the announcement. Miller is expected to remain on as the team's vice president of football operations.

Miller has been head coach of the Riders for three seasons and guided them to two straight Grey Cup appearances, both losses to the Montreal Alouettes.

After five seasons with the Toronto Argonauts, Miller joined the Roughriders as offensive coordinator in 2007 and helped the team win their first Grey Cup since 1989.

press conference on right now 11:00 local time (12 et)

Sad to see you go Kenny. Curious to see who replaces him.

I am dissappointed. So now we are in competition with Tillman to hire our next head coach. Who will get the upper hand?

Richie Hall = new HC in SSK
Greg Marshall = new HC in EDM
That's my thoughts anyways.

Class act. It's sad to see him retire. I thought maybe he'd stick around for one more shot at the Grey Cup, but evidently not. A players' coach.

I've always been impressed with how he's handled himself in the media, particularly when he said that revenge is a shallow motivator. Not words you expect to hear from a football man, but very much on point.

Good luck to you, Ken, in all your future endeavors. :thup:

I am scared a little that they're going to give it to a guy who's underqualified.

Miller knows (or I hope) that in order to keep this team as it is now, he needs a Coach who can keep the players active and motivated, knows how to use Durant and the others to the best of their abilities.

hiring some schmuck that wants to change things will screw this team up.

Listening to the press conference he said that this year was his "one more year"

I think he wants to spend a lot more time with his Wife, Kids and Grand kids. And he basically said as much. I don't blame him for that. He is 69.

Hopson said that Miller and Taman will be the guys that will be hiring the next Coach.

I agree. Who we sign as HC will determine how easy it will be to retain our FAs.

Hope you are wrong. Nothing against Richie but I don't think he is ready to be HC of the Riders. I am worried we may be looking at Berry as our next HC.

I'd be worried too! I can't imagine Rider fans happily watching him rage on the sidelines. He had to have been one of the most volatile coaches ever. Why would anyone put that temperament front and center, again?

yea we cannot go and hire a bad coach, we have a history of hiring bad coaches, IE, Daley, Jauch, Murphy..

we need a guy who has experience, knows how to make a winner and will hire good assistant coaches! (bye bye Daley!)

Because people grow and learn from their mistakes?

Ken Miller's record in the Grey Cup game: 0-2.
Doug Berry's record in the Grey Cup game: 0-1, which might be 1-0 had his starting QB not broken his arm in the division final.

Not much to choose from between the two. Berry is a very astute offensive mind, and the same guy who guided Durant to 5500 passing yards this season, with Fantuz finishing on top of the league in receiving yardage.

Some fans don't want Richie Hall because he's too nice. Others don't want Doug Berry because he's too volatile. At the end of the day, you work with the pool of available candidates. Short of Taman and Miller finding the next Hufnagel or Trestman out of the blue, odds are good that the next SSK head coach will be someone currently employed as a coordinator (be it offensive or defensive) in the CFL.

yea we need to be optmistic and not immediately dismiss a guy simply because of their past.

Hall if he came to Saskatchewan should get to choose everyone he wants (unlike in Edmonton when Danny Mac helped :roll: ) as his assistants.

if it is Berry.. we need to give him a chance.. the only write offs in this league are Mike Kelly and the former Argo's coach.

Bad news for the Riders, but it is good to hear he isn't totally gone.

I guess this was sort of expected. But yes, for the Riders not totally gone, he seems like a quality football guy and person I'd say.

I love that he is indeed staying on as VP. His attitude about not giving attitude (one might refer to it as class) is top notch, and it will still trickle down the line and rub off on people. He will still be around to help with free agency and signings if need be, and can focus on getting the right people in place instead of double duties. Plus, at almost 70, it is good to see he will be able to spend more time with his loved ones. Head coaching has got to be a stressful job, especially with such a passionate following and huge fan base that is often over critical.

Because Hall is well liked, and is a pretty classy guy himself, and seems to have a good work ethic, I would think he will be in the interview pool, as will Dave D, and Marshall...probably Berry to. I lean towards Berry getting it (hoping not), then the other candidates in that order.

Man, this topic is all kinds of messed up. :lol:

Anyway, definitely sucks for the Riders. Hopefully he won’t hire Richie as the HC. DC, sure. Good luck to the Riders.

Berry is not my first choice to be the next Rider HC, but there is also a slight chance that they could hire someone who was a Rider HC before... Jim Daley, and that thought is truly scary....

I see some coaches in Calgary that might be good options as HC.

Hall to sask, Paopao to Edmonton :wink:

Ken Miller is really a class act.
Definitely a players coach and treated people with great respect.
Best of luck to him.