Ken Miller - Coach of the Year

Brilliant call Coach Miller to go for the punt not the field goal at the end of the game.
You just wanted a greater point differential by winning by a bigger margin in overtime so that when the Riders are tied with Calgary at the end of the year and it comes down to points for and against in the three games, the Riders will get first place!
Brilliant calculations done quickly with little time on the clock.
Obviously, Ken Miller becomes the leading candidate for coach of the Year in the CFL.

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I gotta think that unless someone throws up in their helmet in one of the week's remaining games, that Miller's call at the end will dominate the water cooler chat.

non rider and stamps fans will care more about what happens in their own games this weekend and this will be somewhat forgotten by saturday or sunday depending on who your team is.

I didnt get to see the last minute of reg time, but I am wondering if they were facing much wind. If the punter failed to kick it through, there must have been some issue. It is possible miller was worried about the higher possibility of a missed FG return for TD. Just a thought.

it could have been sarcasm. Do they still teach that in BC? :lol:

IIRC they said that the kick was with the wind, not against it. The line of scrimmage was the Calgary 28 yard line so it would have been about a 33 yard FG. Congi had already made a 44 yarder a couple of minutes earlier. It really makes no sense. Even a missed FG had a better chance of going through the endzone for a single than punting it from the 43.

Perhaps Miller was thinking there was a chance of the fieldgoal attempt being blocked and thus a Calgary player picks it up and runs it in for the major? :?

He said that he was worried that it might hit the uprights and thus give us no points. I'm not sure that's a solid reasoning, chances aren't good that you're going to hit the uprights, I don't think it happens more than a couple of times all season, by all the teams combined. The wind itself was at the Riders back, but it wasn't a factor today, it was a cold wind but I didn't notice a difference in the distance of the punts into it or with it.

The biggest head scratcher is why did they move the ball to the middle of the field if they had planned to punt all along. That actually makes it a longer punt when you assume he's going to try and angle it out.

In my mind it was just a coaching mistake, Eddie Johnson does have a very good leg and probably could manage to kick it through maybe half of the time, but chances are Congi makes the 35 yard field goal at least 80% of the time.

I dont think they planned to punt all along. It looked like Jim Daley was the one who talked Ken Miller out of kicking the field goal, and attempt the punt through the end zone. Either way, it was a poor decision. I think Congi had a better shot at making that field goal (as he more than likely would have) then Johnson had putting that out of the endzone. I am glad the players decided to play with alot of heart in this game despite poor coaching choices.

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There is something seriously funky with the 'riders endgame. They just can't seem to finish the close games without some kind of gaff.

They definitely have a propensity to make games closer than they need to, that's for sure. It's like it's not a challenge enough to win cleanly, I don't know.

If that's the case, then Daley really needs to go... :expressionless:

One thing we seem to be forgetting is that Johnson didn't have to kick it through the back of the endzone. If he angled it so it went out the side (which he had been doing quite well) it wouldn't have had to be as deep but, as I believe someone pointed out already, the play before where the ball got moved towards the middle of the field hurt him more than it helped.

Having said that, I still think it was a bonehead decision not to go for the FG.

The field goal, with the wind at their back, was a chip shot for Congi. From that distance, a 35 yarder I think, a missed field goal had a better chance of resulting in a single than a punt. No matter how you look at it, it was a bone head call by Miller and he knew it. The look on his face showed it.