Ken Miller = CFL COACH OF THE YEAR!!!!!

How about it folks- no question Ken Miller deserves coach of the year.
With the Guiness Book of Records for injuries suffered by a team during a CFL season, yet Coach Miller has guided them to 1st place in the West. Unbelievable job with his players and making them believe they can win week in and week out with numerous new players coming in to replace starters. :cowboy: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Personally, I'd probably give the nod to Trestman.

Miller has done an admirable job. Trestman too. Given the fact that this was Trestman's first year in the CFL will probably give him the edge of Miller. Although I think Miller had a tougher job with all the juggling he's had to do.

Its a toss up.

...KM has certainly done a great job under trying circumstances...I credit ALL the SSK coaches for dealing with the adversity of injuries, but KM I guess gets the award....

You could make a case for either coach, even Huff deserves some consideration especially if they finish in 1st. I think Trestman has to be the front runner at this point considering the turnaround in Montreal with not a whole lot of player changes.

Or CFL experience!

My vote goes to Wally Buono, getting his team on track and hot at the right time.

Why am I not surprised...? :lol:

Winner goes to Trestman.

Riders aren't doing anything out of the ordinary this year. They have been a little above average at best. Injuries sminjuries. If he was such a good coach he wouldn't have drafted up so many plays that led to his players getting crushed. His "Old School" ways are getting too many guys hurt. Its obvious.

Thanks for the insight.

Miller doesn't look like much standing on the side lines. Nobody would pick him out of a "head coach" line up. But I do think he is a very astute man. I can't think of any blunders by him this year but I do remember thinking he seems to always to the right thing.

I think his players really like him as well. I like the man myself. So I'm in a tough spot, for sure I want the grumpRiders to choke :wink: but I hope Miller sticks around.

I agree with you about Trestman, mervin. So, RLR, Wally is the coach of the year, eh? If anyone deserves the nod, I would think it would Trestman in Montreal. A lot of experts and fans alike didn't give the Als much of a chance this year, myself included, and he is proving many of the CFL experts and fans that there assessment of him was totally wrong.

The riders may not be doing anything out of the ordinary this year, but according to some Lion posters, they should be the first place team right now. If anything, they have underachieved so far.


Tresman all the way, Wally and Miller don't deserve it over him, I would give it to Huff before either of them

Honestly this is a tough one between the all three of trestman, the huffer and miller. I honestly cant even pick one at this point.

Trestman gets first vote then Huff, sorry but I dont see any reason for MIller to be considered

Not even considered?? Seriously?

Why is the award only available to head coaches?

Richie Hall, hands down, has been the biggest factor of any coach this year (that, and the fact that his entire roster is imports).

Ask the reigning coach of the year. He said all he had to do was surround himself with good people.

Forget it, zbest...if Miller can't even be considered, Hall sure as hell shouldn't be...

you can consider anyone you want......I just dont