Ken Miller announces his imminent retirement

Ken Miller announces that his time has come for him to ride into the sunset.

Question: Is Taman the next to go? We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


The Cats better not even entertain the idea of Taman taking over for Obie when he retires.

I am hoping Danny Mac takes over.. he found most of players that have made Impact this including Chris Williams.

How about bringing back Mike McCarthy as GM?
The man has great football saavy.

Taman should be gone for the mess he made in Regina. And for the lack of support he gave to Marshall.

They bring him to Hamilton once Obie has retired, then you should expect the same results.

I thought you guys had a guy sitting in the wings waiting for OB to retire, I believe his name is Joe Womack? From what I have read about people on the Sask board everyone thinks really highly of him and want him over here, but would probably stay in Hamilton if OB retires this year as well.

I've heard some good things about Womack as well.

Here's hoping that they do the smart thing and make Joe the next GM. I'm just not so sure that Mitchell is capable of doing such a thing.

I think Saskatchewan discovered Chris Williams and we acquired his rights last year.

If that's the case it's goodbye Marcel.

why, do Marcel and Womack not get alongÉ