Ken Miller accepts Head Coaching position

The question has been answered. Eric Tillman has offered Ken Miller the Head Coaching position and he has expected. A formal announcement will be made on Wednesday.

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So, what does everyone think? Richie Hall really must be wondering? We have him this year, but next year???

Personally, I wanted Richie Hall. But I'm perfectly happy and feel as confident with Miller as I would have with Hall. I dont' think this will have much effect either on the clubs attempts to resign Reggie Hunt and Eddie Davis.

I'm happy with Miller's signing, but what will happen to Richie Hall? I think he'll bolt if he gets an offer somewhere else. It's no fun being a bridesmaid that many times. I do feel bad for Richie, but this the nature of the game.

Man... We can say goodbye to Richie soon.

Given his age and the fact that there are no other coaching vacancies that would be a promotion for Richie Hall, why would he leave?

Just a year ot two ago, he turned down a college job that likely paid similar to the one Kent Austin just took.
Now ask your question again....

I still think staying in Saskatchewan given the age of Ken Miller is his best shot at becoming a head coach. And also going the college route likely takes him off the radar for other CFL teams, and him interviewing for the vacant Als job makes me believe he wants to be a head coach someday in this league.

Okay, I am not 100% sure of the chronology, but this is how I think it went down.
Before Roy was fired, he said, in a speculative manner, that when he retired, DB might move up to GM and Richie might slide into the HC position.
Neat, clean, promote from withing.
It was all good.
Not saying it would have happened that way, but Roy at least was inclined that way.
So Richie turns down a lucrative college job--the same type as the one Kent (a HC) couldn't pass up.
Now he gets passed up for the job, not once, but twice, right here with the Riders.
A guy might start thinking he has made a poor career choice and if another college job comes up, he'll think pretty hard about it.
Or perhaps ET will never make him the HC, so it might be time to just let his contract run its course this year, and whether or not he gets a HC job in 2009, move on regardless.
I am not saying he thinks this way. Personally, I doubt it.
I am just saying if he did, no one can blame him.
Sometimes, even a lateral move is the best move.
Look at Austin.
By any rational standard, the job he took was not even a lateral one, but a step down.
Apparently, less money to do a lesser job.
And yet if Richie took the same job, you think that closes doors in the CFL?
So I guess if Austin wants back in the CFL, he is "off the radar".

I'm just saying, that if Richie really wants to be a HC, he may decide it won't be here and it is time for a new challenge.
I wouldn't blame him, and I wouldn't be surprised either.
Getting out of his comfort zone and proving he can recreate a solid D somewhere else would likely greatly enhance his chances of acing that next HC interview.

Of course there are a myriad of options that could come up next year, but if no college jobs were open to him, I don't see a clear cut better opportunity for him developing in the CFL unless Maccocia gets fired next year possibly.

Why? He said he's staying with the team.