Ken Miller a lock for Coach of the Year


Here is a guy who loses a famous defensive co-ordinator , several star players to free agency and has his team picked to finish last in the West by pretty nearly everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then his team suffers serious injuries to key players including their punter and leading receiver. Yet, they win the west for the first time in a long time. Hats off to you Coach Miller and your coaching staff!!!!!
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Marcel Bellefeuille says Hi!

Everyone forgetting about Marc Trestman already...?

15-3 (franchise record), 9-0 at home, 9-1 against the East, 6-2 against the West, another division title, and likely another trip to the Grey Cup...

Stiff competition.

That's not Trestman. That's just the Als.. hell they don't even NEED a coach!!

Yeah Trestman had a great year but look at how they were last year. This year the Cats did a total turnaround.

I'd say Marcel B. for sure. Why?
Because we were 3-15 for two years in a row and 4-17 the year before that. This franchise was the joke of the CFL and the city and fans were embarressed to wear Ticat's apparrel in public or talk anything Ticats. The players would get the same mentality year after year. Let's go out and try, but after surrendering our first TD that must mean we still suck and are doomed to lose. MB made it very clear this year that this team was going to succeed. He made the fans believe, and he made the players believe. After losing game 1 to Toronto, suprisingly many fans were still faithful that we'd be able to have a good season. Next week, the Ticat's upset the BC lions, winning in BC place for the first time since I think 2004 and also being the first eastern team to win there for a long time. The Ticats kept rolling from there, having their ups and their downs, but MB made sure the players kept positive and kept assuring the fans that he was going to make this team a winner. Now, after the last game of the regular season the Ticats sit at 9-9, trippling their win total from the last two seasons. Not only that but the Cat's have secured a home playoff game for the first time since 2001. The Cat's will be entering a probably sold out IWS with a 4 game winning streak facing a injury riddled BC lions team. The Ticats have done a fantatic job of getting back to respectability this year and it is in great part thanks to MB. He may not be the best guy to go to for offensive plays, but he keeps this team believing in itself and winning games. And winning games is pretty much all that matters in proffesional sport. MB, Hamilton has your vote :cowboy:

Can someone tell me how the Als just keep having a great team each year? I know Calvillo is the best but still. :?

Also, if Greg Marshall, the Greg Marshall now of the Western Mustangs, had the disposition of Marcel B, he'd still be coaching the TiCats IMHO.

Yes I agree Ear, Trestman by a country mile.
Not only is he a class act, but the man is probably the best coach in all of football.
Hopefully the Als can keep him past next year.

Agree argotom, I didn't say it outright as such but that, I suppose, is what I was saying indirectly. Marcel B though could, I say could, end up being the best coach in this league IMHO. Greg Marshall should take a lesson from him, Marshall is too outwardly emotional to be a solid head coach in the CFL at this point. But who knows in the future.

I think Marcel Bellefeuille did the most for his team and organization and should be COTY

I heartily disagree. Trestman has put his stamp on my Alouettes in a very marked way. Just compare Montreal under Trestman in 2008 to Montreal the year before under (urg) Jim Popp. Mostly the same personnel, but night and day in terms of performance, professionalism, etc. When you have grizzled veterans like Calvillo and Cahoon talking about the level of detail and dedication Trestman expects and receives from his players -- uptempo practices like they'd never seen prior to 2008, no wasted time, razor-sharp focus -- you know that you have somebody special patrolling the sidelines, not just a placeholder.

To boot, Trestman is largely responsible for the passing game, and is heavily involved in the offensive play-calling along with Scott Milanovich, who's in charge of the run.

I don't know who will win Coach of the Year, and there are some qualified candidates, but I do know one thing: Marc Trestman's name has to be mentioned in any COTY discussion.

coach of the year goes to Montreal no question and runner up will be Miller.

Trestman by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr was the best coach.

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OMFG.. did I forget to put those darn emoticons in again... I serioulsy did NOT think the Als didn't NEED a coach!!!

My vote goes for Marcel Bellefeuille. He's done a great job turning the Cats into a contender in his first full season as a head coach. From 3-13 to 9-9 and a 5-3 record against the west. Tressman is a close 2nd in my books. He has put together two great years in Montreal.

Trestman has a veteran team and quarterback!
Mark B. spent the first half of the season playing the wrong quarterback.
Coach Miller groomed a young quarterback , overcame injuries and the loss of his defensive co-ordinator who became a head coach. I'd say Miller deserves it in a walk based on the above comparisons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

LOL, okay, point taken. :slight_smile:

"... and won 1st in the West!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A much toughter conference!

Not really. The West has a slight edge, but poor Winnipeg had to play Montreal four times. Toronto and Hamilton had to play us three times. I'm with Ro on this one; the Alouettes made the rest of the division look weak, but with the exception of the Argos, it's as strong a division as the west.

Last year, Miller took over the HC job for the defending Grey Cup Champions. Trestman took over for a team that was normally one of the elite teams in the league, but struggled toward the end of '07 due to AC's absence late in the year. That these two teams lead their respective divisions is no accomplishment.

Taking over a team that was the worst in the country for the past four seasons, and in one year leading them to second place in the division and a home playoff game, is the only coaching achievement this year.

Some simple-minded people just think it's a matter of who won the most games, or who wins the Grey Cup, but it's a lot more than that. It's a question of who accomplished the most in the current season. Only one person has earned it, and that is Marcel Bellefeuille.

Of course, the coach of the year award is a farce, anyway, so I'm sure it will go to Trestman. Let it. The Grey Cup is the only award that means anything at all.