Ken Lazaruk

This guy and his crew are an absolute joke. They shouldnt be allowed to ref a flag football game. Fortunately the game wasnt close enough for them to make a real a difference but the CFL should look into this one because something wasnt right out there tonight.

Yeah some pretty ez calls that were none calls..

Yup, every call seemed to go against the Bombers today. Brutal calls on the two onside kicks right at the end...

I'm gonna use this thread to get a little whining in myself. Don't know if everyone thought so, but I felt the officiating lacked as well last night in BC Place. Watching the game tonight I confirmed again for me. In my opinion the officiating has been very erratic this year in a lot of games.

One time somethings a penalty, the next it's not. Players are having trouble with the inconsistency for sure. Especially the Esks, LOL.

I think Evryone is having problems.......hard to feel bad for the esks at 5-2 :wink:

It's getting old when it comes to whining about the officials. Obviously someone's got a gripe after every game so why not only post on the reffing if the game was well officiated. It should be a gimme that the officiating is gonna be horrible.

So true Lionbacker....with big sreen TV's we will always catch the calls they miss... with regular screen TV's can catch the missed calls too :roll:

Its not whining when you state the obvious nor did I suggest it in anyway determined the outcome of the game, only that it was absolutely terrible.

IF YOU CAN TELL ME ....that the Stamps. should not have been called for pass interference on Peterson....when he was almost tackled before the ball arrived.... then you have had to come out of the same refs. school as that blind zebra who didn't call that one....just bullsh%t... 8)

I'm a referee (for soccer but a ref none the less) and I've learnt that for any sport. Football, hockey, soccer, baseball. The broadcasters always replay a bad call by the ref and say what he should have done but I've learnt that a ref has a split second to make a decision based on what he's seen. He doesn't get to stop the game to look at replays. Speaking of which, instant replay doesn't cover penaltys

Not saying it a is an easy job… but some of the calls are to make you gringe…like last yesr when Stokes a lot got his head ripped off in open field right in fornt of the lineman.
I don’t think anyone on this forum expects them to be prefect but some calls or lack of calls just blow your mind…and most of the Broadcasters will make a comment if the strips make a good call as well…