Ken "Filpflop" Miller

I just watched an interview with Ken Miller and he seems hesitant to announce Darian Durant as the #1 QB.

Didn't we learn anything from last year? Quarterback controversies are bad, especially with young developing quarterbacks.

Eric Tillman recognized this problem (in retrospect) and removed Michael Bishop from the equation for 2009, but now Miller is pondering the promoting of Steven Jyles.

The last thing on a Quarterback's mind should be job security. I can see Miller pulling Durant after his first interception, or vice-versa with Jyles (common practice in '08).

I fear an inconsistent depth chart will spawn even more inconsistent play.

Miller needs to pick a field-general and let him lead.

I couldn't agree more on both sides of this coin, we need a starting QB and Ken Miller is more indecissive than a politician!

I 100% agree with you Rog, last year was a flying shit circus with out QB situation, Durant got us to an undefeated record and got hurt and it was between Jyles and Bishop and when Durant came back he was on the shortest leesh possible. It didnt make sense to me the guy led us to a undefeated record and we pull him after one interception? If we’d a done that with KJ we’d be entering our 20 year Grey Cup drought. Give it to the best guy (Durant) and let the guy play.

I just listened to that interview. He said he won't announce the starting QB yet because he has not had a chance to meet with the QB's to tell them. When asked if he knew, he laughed and said yes.

What's the big deal?

This was my thinking too.

I challenge anyone who thinks that they could do a better job than Ken Miller to start the process and volunteer for the Regina Minor Football Assn. I know you are not because they always seem to be in need of bodies and people wanting to advance in the system. Until you do, you might want to include things like "In My Opinion(IMO)" so you don't sound so pretentious.

IMO, that interview was non-indicative of KM's feelings on the question posed. KM certainly knows how to dodge questions like a polotician does. He was just being a fair, respectful, and responsible person in waiting.