Ken Fidlin's article on CANOE about the NFL & Toronto

Another in the never ending line of "Toronto is getting an NFL franchise - sometime anyway" articles. I wonder how long the 10th largest market in North America will get one when the 2nd largest market is a struggle, huge time, to get a team back there. Fidlin says it could happen by 7 years. I say not for at least 10 more years after that, 17, at the very earliest.

But you have to give these Godfreian writers credit, they keep trying to dupe the dumb out there into believing the NFL is coming to T.O. very shortly, guess that the Leafs are out of the playoffs, they have to write about something.

Godfrey is quoted in this article saying - "I still have big NFL dreams," he said this week. Keep going Paul, by the time Toronto gets a team, if they ever do, you will be, let's just say, having a long and peaceful rest.

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The closest thing Toronto may have to the NFL, is an NFL drug addict suspended player.

Hey, I'm a big "drug addict" also Third, but on alcohol, I can drink myself silly every night of the week and be the biggest incoherent imbecile I want, and that is fine, no probs at all. But can't smoke a joint or even take a puff of the stuff, otherwise then I'm a true "drug addict".
Oh man, no wonder this world is so friggin messed up.
But I do agree with your point about the likelihood of T.O. ever getting a team in the near future anyway.

Smoking a joint doesn't make you an addict. But being caught four times doing what your employer forbids you to do, especially when you come back playing after a highly mediatised retirement and know you'll be tested often, but can't stay away from dope nonetheless... Yup, that's being an addict.

Anyways, why do you defend him so much? Is your full name Earl Williams? :wink:

I just like him from the few interviews I've seen of him on TV and what I have read in articles and read from other posters. I don't smoke dope but have left a job after shortly starting it for reasons that could fall into the "trying to find myself category" type of thing so I can relate to him somewhat. I'm sure he will pay back what he needs to pay back to the Dolphins to satisfy his responsibilities there. And he shouldn't be expected to please all Dolphin fans, while many chastize him for just "walking out" on the team, others I'm sure respect his life journey that he is on and the untimeliness that issues can happen as such.

But, to be honest, I don't know him at all personally. But haven't you ever sort of related to a celebrity that you don't know personally from reading about them or watching interviews? I can't help but feel connected to Ricky Williams on what I might call a Jungian level, if you know what I mean by this.

.......but wouldn't you you agree there is a certain amount of irresponsibility in accepting a large cash bonus up front THEN deciding to take off to India to find oneself?.......

Yes R&W, I agree with you and if this violates the acceptance of the contract he signed doing this, then this money should be returned.

.....and that I guess is the major reason a lot of us find Rickie to be a flake.....if he were to pay back the dolphins entirely, write them a cheque and than say 'my debt is over' then would he be able to walk down the beach into the sunset, wearing his shyness protecting helmet, and gain back a great measure of respect........right now he just looks like a money grabbing fool......

I don't know all the detials of what and what he is not entitled to, that is between himself and the Miami Dolphins and if it can't be worked out between them, then I'm sure we'll see legal proceedings.

R&W, what I wonder is, if you get an 8.5 millions bonus for signing with a team, then walk away, and then have court order you to repay that 8.5 millions ... why should you still be in debt one year later. I can't believe he would have already spent it. 100 000$'s worth of hemp will get you busy for quite some months. So, say Ricky still have 8.4 M$ in his coffers (because he must have had a few bucks too from his previous gigantic contracts), why doesn't he pay that back, and temporarily live with a 100 000$ debt, which can be repaid by, say, playing in the CFL.

......that's just it, from the outsiders perspective it appears Ricky wants his money, but doesn't want to earn it by playing, so he smokes up, gets banned and claims he doesn't owe any money back due to various legal stinks in my opinion........

I dont think its as easy as that. Whatever he took in the bonus, im sure Uncle Sam took a good chunk, and the State of Florida grabbed its portion as well. I think the tax rate for that would be 50% for the feds and another 10% by the state. So 5.1 million s lost in taxes. Plus the money he has spent, whatever that amount is on living, eating , housing and whatever it is he did trying to "find himself".

Ok then, different question: If Ricky received the 8.5 M$ bonus to play with the Dolphins... and he shows up to play, do he still owe that money to the team? Fulfilling his part of the contract must entitle him to the money, no? And then, if he wants to play for the Dolphins, but gets suspended by the league for smoking pot, whose money is it?

I would say it still belongs to the Dolphins cause he was dumb enough to get caught voilating the drug policy, which has him suspended for another year. One wonders if he is sill trying to "find himself".

All very complicated stuff legally as I thought it must be. I'm sure it will get worked out one way or another.

And my (wild) guess would be Toronto won't be part of the solving agreement between all parties.

I agree Third, which is good since he would make Toronto a better team if he is somewhat committed and in shape, and here in TiCat land, we don't need this.

Neither do we in the bird's nest. :wink:

I read the article in your post Earl, and I do believe that the NFL is Toronto’s pipe dream. Aside from Los Angeles, I would say the Columbus could have a shot at an NFL franchise as well. The Blue Jackets are doing well, and they are showing that they can support a major franchise. I wonder if OKC might be a destination now as well. San Antonio could be another possibility, along with Portland . Oregon. Too many American cities want NFL franchises for Toronto to be a candidate for expansion.

I also think that the NFL will never have a team in Canada for philosophical reasons, they want to keep the NFL to themselves. Unless they get really desperate for expansion money and have no where else to go, then maybe. But I don't think that not having a team in Canada hurts the NFL's image as not being international enough, while logistically Toronto would be easier than say London, Engl, such a city like London with the new Wembley Stadium would catapult the image of the NFL as an international league, if they really want this, way more than having a team in Toronto. And that's what I think they would be aiming for if they ever decide to go international, Toronto is too small on their radar I believe.