Ken Evraire Says Thank You

Good piece here by a former player.

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Among past team shenanigans, I'm surprised this one doesn't get more press. Man, was I pissed to lose such a good player in such a stupid way.

I had suffered a slight tear in my quad and as luck would have it the Riders tried to hide me by putting me on waivers. No team would want damaged goods or at least that is what the Riders brass thought. With a blink of an eye and a call to the league office, I was claimed by Hamilton.
But more to the point:
To the Ottawa REDBLACKS…thank you for so much. We no longer hesitate in proclaiming our love for the team. We no longer carry the burden of franchise failures and on field miscues. We no longer have to talk about the tough years..the bad years!

We can talk about The Catch! We can talk about Henry’s leadership, Greg’s fearlessness, Antoine’s competitive zeal, Justin’s motor, Abdul’s grit and Brad’s fortitude. We can talk about SirVincents being thankful for a 2nd chance! Yes, a 2nd chance!

Great article!!