Kelly Wiltshire

released by eskimos today. a good pick up? yes no?

Yes he be a Good Role Player
2nd and Long and Special Teams

the question for Kelly, is if he can recover from a brutal knee injury he received courtesy of one Nik Lewis near the end of last year.

Kelly Wiltshire suffered a serious
knee injury early in September.

However well he recovers from that

he can't have been used much
in the 1st 11 games last year.


17 defensive tackles,
2 special teams tackles,
2 pass knockdowns and
1 tackle for a loss.

probably not

His best days are behind him. No thanks.

I thought his injury was a career ending one. There's no sense in picking him up if he can't at least pass a physical.

Teams will Want Him Take a physical 1st Before Picking him up.

hes is still better then justin, so sign him now!

Fantastic player ... get him a medical