Kelly will be back...

Personally, I kind of like the guy a little more recently. He's a real character and has one thing in common with our guys now ie: the CFL poaching cash out of their pockets for trivial matters.

One thing I notice when Kelly lights up like he does is that he has a mischievous little smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye as if to say, I hope to gawd you people aren't taking everything I say seriously...

I'm glad he'll be back.

The "Billy Martin"of the CFL :lol: :rockin:

Kind of agree deerhunter except he has to win the big one first to be compared with Billy Martin, eh?

The long version of all I have to say about him is he's the biggest embarrassment in the CFL!

I think his contract is guaranteed so if they didn't bring him back they would have to pay him anyway. Bauer really dropped the ball on hiring Kelly. Both Bauer and Kelly need to be gone for the good of the CFL. They can take Tillman and Rita with them also.

Kelly will be back where ? In a Mental institution thank goodness so then he can stop making other professional coaches look like idiots.

The three things I like best about Mike Kelly are:

  1. Kevin Glenn;
  2. Dan Goodspeed;
  3. Alexandre Gauthier.

If someone other than Mike Kelly had taken the helm of the Bombers this year, those three players might well have been plying their trade in Winnipeg instead of Hamilton and Ticat fans would be watching the B.C. at Winnipeg Eastern Semi-Final playoff game on television this weekend.

So he didn't take Floyd's job offer. :lol:

His knees might already be too sore lol

Good!! More Kelly more Bomber loses :cowboy:

  • watching him/his actions are pure entertainment..

Not only is it entertaining,but,....

It's just one more reason to despise the Easern Division scum team #2!

I don't think I have to remind anyone of who #1 on that list is....

That was just a plain insult to the late Billy Martin. :wink:

Poor Bomber fans…

I liked Billy Martin...

So did I.

So another season of Kelly protecting his ego and telling everyone how great and passionate he is instead of proving it? It's just a worn out record.

Now if Kelly can bring back the Bish what great news that would be. :thup:

My favourite part is the way he claims he does it to protect his players and deflect the "bullets and arrows" from them. The man is a SAINT.

Hi Catfans! I would like to congratulate the 2008 Blue Bombers for showing Kelly the error of his ways. It hurt when you beat us but it made Kelly look like an idiot so there was a silver lining. I thought I should let you know, since it seems to be a topic of discussion, that Mike Kelly and Lyle Bauer are both still very much in danger of losing their jobs. The Blue Bombers are a community owned team run by a board of directors and both have meetings scheduled to discuss their future employment. I think LB has seen the writing on the wall as he has intimated that he may retire. Kelly is stubborn and will have to be hauled away by the cops....sadly, a very real possibility.