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Better get used to missing the playoffs Bomber fans… if Kelly is around to make this decsion next year… .things are gonna be pretty much the same…

it isn't surprising, really. What coach in his right mind (I know, I know) would deliberately go into a season with only Casey Bramlett, Stefan Lefors, and Ricky Santos as his QBs?

Unless the Bombers make a trade to get a CFL experienced QB to either start or to mentor the young kids, I fully expect to see Bishop in the WInnipeg training camp next Season.

You mean Kelly is back next year? Don't the Bombers change Coaches every year?

Oh Wait thats every two years!


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MadJack's right. Other than possibly Bucky or JJ from BC, who has anyone that (a) is a legitimate CFL QB with experience that (b) a team is willing to give up. No one in the East has a seasoned #2, I doubt you would call Jyles that (and I can't see SK getting rid of him anyway), Calgary's got nothing but kids, and Maas can't be a viable option, can he?

If they truly want someone with some experience at camp, then short of a jaw-dropper of a trade, (or Kerry Joseph) that means Michael Bishop.

Kelly back and Bishop back right on another lost season, I love the Bombers organization hope they keep these guys for years to come :slight_smile:

If Kelly is back next year than we may as well write off 2010 :oops: :oops: :oops:

Now there's an idea, Kerry Joseph and Michael Bishop on the same sideline, Part Two. And with Kelly as their coach. Wow.

I think this will come down to a business decision and I would be surprised if it was Bauer's to make.

Do they give this guy another season because even if they say give him a few games next year, in football that means the whole season. They might want to consider promoting their defensive coordinator or bringing in an experienced coach like Higgins, Stubbler, Cortez.

I agree. Only they should throw both Kelly and Bauer out on road. If not attendance will be poor. Corporate sponsorship will dry up, the GM and President are disgrace to community. Maybe hire Marshall next year. He would not return until Bauer is thrown off his throne.

Board of Directors should make statement regarding Bauer and Kelly. Thumbs up or Thumbs down. The BODs must show some postive leadership by throwing both out. Status Quo is not acceptable. Scenario is only good for Kelly supporters.

"We fully support your support of Bishop, Mike Kelly."

-every other team in the CFL

Keep in mind that when Kelly says something he does the exact opposite... :wink:

Kelly was on radio this evening and said there is no quarterback on his radar screen right now and feels Bishop is great and he can teach him to be good.

Oh Boy! another year of rebuilding and I am talking about 2011.

Well that is promising... He's traded most of his draft picks, he has two guys on his neg list that are not overly enthousiastic about tying their wagon to Kelly. At least he will keep us entertained.

Goes without saying that I am thrilled that Bishop might be back! However it`s a long winter and spring, things develop etc, so I wont count my chickens until Bishop is in camp!

Remember the Flutie situation in Buffalo? Bills where set to have Flutie compete for the starters job against a couple zero`s, shall we say, until pressure from the local media etc convinced Bills that Flutie could not get the job done. So they spend 25 million to bring in a BUM in Rob Johnson. We know how that worked out! For the record I do NOT watch NFL, I just followed Flutie in the NFL, because he was our ambassador

So I will not be surprised if they do something like that, would be a bonehead move. Bish has all we need!

I have a hunch BC is going to run with Printers in the future, only because Pierce is so fragile. JJ will be the backup, and Pierce will be up for grabs. Problem is - who will want to invest in him!

Your absolutely right, either a jaw-dropper trade or it will be Bishop again. It's time for some young guys to step up and take the position (throughout the league), but they certainly need experience pushing them from the bench.

You cant go with Printers, he's too soft. if he breaks a nail or twists a toe he's out for a month, talented guy but you almost have to assign a doctor to him full time, preferably one that is a good listener :slight_smile:

Kelly admitted he effed up by not having an experienced qb behind Lefors this year, he isn’t going to make that same mistake again. They are going to try to groom one of the young guys, short of acquiring someone else, with Bishop backing him up. Too bad we had to waste one year already, as next will be another tough season.

I'm confused. In your analogy, is Bishop playing the part of Flutie, or Johnson?