Kelly vs Dinwiddie

so what was with Kelly refusing to come out of the game last night. Open disregard for Dinwiddie?

He was taught by MBT how to treat your coach… Dinwiddie needs to lay some smack down.


At least Dinwiddie tried to take out his starting QB … Jason Maas left Fajardo in until the bitter end … even calling QB runs with a two-score lead and under five minutes left.

Trying but failing is NOT a good look. I’m a big believer in chain of command. Try pulling that kind of nonsense in the Forces.


Dinwiddie looked visibly annoyed while Kelly was yapping at him. Almost like a parent dealing with a mouthy teenager.

I don’t know what the conversation was about exactly but I thought Kelly acted very disrespectfully and it’s not a good look.


I didn’t see the game, so what happened?

I give Dinwiddie some brownie points by ignoring Chad during his (minor) tantrum & thus preventing a spectacle on the sidelines. Then I have to take those points away for caving to him. You could tell he wasn’t happy about it. Ryan seems cursed with QBs who want their own way.

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I dont think he caved, I think Kelly just went back in on his own after 1 pass by back-up and carried on.

Not sure about that, but if that really was the case a lot more brownie points deducted.

Guys like that don’t usually last too long. Football is the ultimate team game, me me guys have bad things happen to them like, oops, missed that block, sorry about that!

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Well, whatever went on it sure woke the defence up…which was Dinwiddie’s intent I think.

As a coach - a guy who wants to stay in for the win - and does win - would never be a problem.

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Kelly has the pedegri to do whatever he wants. He shouldn’t have to listen to Dimwitty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Players should respect coaches at all times !


Vrai, tant qu’il ne fait pas dégénérer la cohésion du vestiaire. Casey Printers me vient en tête dans ce genre d’attitude. Sa façon d’exposer au regard de tous les reproches qu’il adressait à ses coéquipiers sur le terrain a fini par l’emporter sur ses qualités de quart. Un bon leadership est indissociable des qualités athlétiques à cette position.

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Agree totally. Post game Kelly said all the right things. What he really wanted was the perfect at home record.


I would agree in most situations, but Kelly is special, the Argos would be fighting for a playoff spot if Kelly wasn’t their QB! He should be running the offence regardless of what Dinwitty thinks!

Russ Jackson, Doug Flutie among others were not prima donnas. Chad Kelly should not be either


Dinwiddie has rapidly ascended to the upper echelon of CFL coaches (O’Shea, Campbell, Dinner)
However, despite his Mountain Man O’Shea beard he has yet to earn the respect of the room like O’Shea. Chad Kelly runs Dinwiddie rather than vice-versa.
Probably the last chink in the fence Dinwiddie needs to mend before becoming a monster coaching presence in this league.
I think once Smiley the Pinball has a unique “table talk” with Kelly, all things will be sorted out - FOR NOW

If Toronto wins the Cup, no one will care that Chad Kelly didn’t want to come out of a meaningless regular-season game.

Love Toronto or hate them – I’m certainly in the latter camp! – you have to admire how they are building a winning team.

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That’s it, they have a solid capital T team. As a Ticat fan a crack in the T between the QB and Coach works for Hamilton , need every angle to win the East final and play at home for the Grey Cup!