Kelly Trying To Address QB and Offense Situation

Mike Kelly has said he ants Bishop back in training camp as a veteren presence and has admitted that was his mistake at the beginning of this year (not having a vetren QB at camp). Kelly has also stated that he would like to have Lefors back in camp as well as the young guys Santos and DiMichele, no mention of Bramlet but i am sure he might be in camp, we will see!!

As it stands if Kelly gets his wish we will have:


and he has also stated that they are in talks with Former Utah Star Braian Johnson, who i could not find any info on and also D.J Shockley who is only 26, very mobile with a good arm, has been in the NFL for 3 years but cut this year ... also D.J has NOT thrown a pass in the NFL according to NFL.COM:

Height: 6-0 Weight: 218 Age: 26

Born: 3/23/1983 Riverdale , GA

College: Georgia

Experience: 3rd season

High School: North Clayton HS [College Park, GA]

Hopefully should make for some competition at a spot we highly need to address .... i will look for more info on Johnson and post it if i can find it.

Brian Johnson played in Utah in 2008

Baytown, Texas

Height / Weight:
6-1 / 200

UTAH: Three-year starter finished his career as the winningest quarterback in school history (26-7) ... led Utah to wins in 21 of his final 22 games as the starter ... 2008 Mountain West Conference Offensive Player of the Year and first-team quarterback ... two-time bowl MVP (2008 Sugar Bowl and 2007 Poinsettia Bowl) ... 2008 finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm and the Manning awards ... played as a true freshman backup to Alex Smith in 2004, and started in 2005, 2007 and 2008.

2008-MWC Offensive Player of the Year and first-team all-league quarterback started every game in 13-0 season ... 13 wins set a new school record ... Sugar Bowl MVP ... finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm and the Manning awards ... honorable mention All-American by College Football News ... three MWC Player of the Week awards (Michigan, TCU and BYU) ... named MVP of the Sugar Bowl after 27-of-41 passing for 336 yards and three touchdowns against Alabama ... won ESPN Helmet Stickers on Aug. 30 and Nov. 22 for wins over Michigan and BYU ... threw a career-high five touchdowns against San Diego State, which ranks second all-time at Utah.

Att Comp Int Pct Yards TD Long Effic
394 268 9 68.0 2972 27 55 149.43

Way to early to make any predictions, but I'd guess that if that's the stable of QBs in training camp, the three who would make the team would be, in no particular order, Bishop, Santos, and one of the new ones. Lefors never impressed me, neither in Edmonton nor in Winnipeg (what Kelly saw in him that was worth trading two draft picks for I do not understand), and Bramlet has not looked to me at all like he has what it takes in this league. . . he strikes me as a weak-armed Cody Pickett, and that is not a good thing.

If the Bombers don't trade for a better QB than all of the other ones they currently have/own the rights to, they will continue to flounder.

I could see Kerry Joseph being traded to the Peg in the off-season. But is that even an upgrade?

It will be a long stretch in the next few years in the Peg. It all starts at QB.

josephs ability to win that big game when he gets there is quite an upgrade from bishop

As it turns out, it's only one pick because of LeFors being injured. The second pick was conditional.

Fine, but my point was that Kelly thought LeFors was worth 2 draft picks.

No need to go out and louse the QB situation up even further. Santos and Bishop should be the base pair.

I can't see that at all.

Based on Kelly's saying that Bishop will be back, I don't see any way that Winnipeg would acquire Joseph; those two could not co-exist on the same team. Toronto went through it, do the Bombers want a repeat? I seriously doubt it.

...You're right MadJack.....WHY?????? would the Bombers put themselves in the same position as the argos of a few years ago....Joseph will not be coming to the Peg.....especially if Bishop is still kicking around...but even then i doubt whether the BigBlue have any interest in him..There are going to be some qbs, who are younger and have more game than Joseph, becoming available in the off-season...I can see the Bombers pursuing one of them....orrrrrrrr a trade of significance is not out of the question.......BUT the biggest question is WHO and for WHOM (possible trade)....Kelly says, in his latest media go-round, he has someone other than the quaterbacks, who have been or who are currently on the Bomber roster in mind as a possible starter ....Surprise us Mike...I hope its a good one :thup:

two high draft picks at that, Kelly made some good trades last year, but boy did he ever blow it there

I don't think he needs to be told to surprise us papa, that's what he does best! :lol:

Only 1 mistake that was made. Hiring Kelly as coach.

Problem with Bishop is he's wishy-washy!
He can't win the big game, and is not a guy that plays consistantly from game to game, reason why the Argos let him loose!

True...but I kinda like the idea of having Bishop on the roster. IIRC, he played his best coming off the bench...a certain playoff game a few years ago comes to mind...sigh... lol

It does make the most sense really. He's proven over his career that he's not starter material, and he can't seem to get the job done when starting in important games. . . he might just be one of those guys who can flourish coming in off the bench.

Still leaves the problem of course of who will be the starter. I've never seen Santos or DiMichele play so I can't comment on them. What I've seen of Bramlet and Lefors leaves me significantly less than impressed.

If they plan to keep Bishop as the #2 guy, I can't see trading for Jackson, they are too much alike (athletic, big arm), you'd want Bishop to be a change-of-pace guy. . . so maybe making the blockbuster trade to get Ricky Ray would make sense (side note to paulpearson. . .don't get your shorts in a knot, I know you've said Ray won't come to be the backup to Bishop, but note please I'm predicating this on Bishop being the backup).

Were that to be the plan, I'd suggest the Bombers start calling Edmonton now. . . because I have this feeling that, assuming Edmonton will entertain offers for Ray, once they straighten out their front office situation, the Argos will be in there hot and heavy. Toronto has a long established history of not developing their own QB and instead going for the quick fix by trading for an established CFL star. . . so look for them to make Edmonton an offer. Lord knows they're desperate for a quality QB in Toronto (along with a whole bunch of other things, that team is so dysfunctional).