Kelly steals one

.....Sideek Shabazz for Kai Ellis.....whoah ...didn't see this one coming...Kelly you ol fox....I never thought the esks. would trade this guy away...obviously Shabazz liked something about Kelly when he was with the esks. he knows a winner :wink: and visa-versa.....Bombers are gonna like this guy...and the rest of the east ain't :lol: :lol:

Yes, but with Canada and now Ellis gone, you've got a hole at one defensive end spot.............mind you, should be able to find a young, hungry US college grad to play that you have a scouting department !

we already have one MadJack....Roderick Johnson...via Murphy , who just came over from Cal. with a raft of players in hand... :wink:

Yup, a very good trade, fills a hole at SAM linebacker and versatile to move around. I like it.

Good deal. Ellis played well last season but his career has been inconsistent. Shabezz is a gamer and an all-star player. Be interesting to see what our starting linebacking core looks like now with Shabezz is the mix.

And a new 3-4 defense is born.

I stand to be corrected, but didn't the Eskimos move Shabazz back to safety last season? If my memory is correct, he certainly gives you options..............

I think you are correct, I think he might have also started a few games at halfback early in his career but I'm likely wrong. Either way, him and Malveaux gives us tons of flexibility in the secondary.

theres rodrick johnson and willie evans as well...

willie evans is a beast at 6'1" 270 lbs... and he's ripped, that ain't fat like canada! he'll be perfect for a rush end in a 3 -4 defense should we choose to go with that... i think our end spot will be even stronger with these two guys battling for the spot..

who knows, maybe we will keep both, cuz walls gives us a few options... he can also play LB as well so it should be interesting

shabazz is a huge upgrade over ike charlton, that much is for sure!

info on willie evans

runs a 4.9 in the 40 yard dash...
had 15 sacks, and 60 tackles, 21 tackles for a loss, and 18 assist tackles in just 11 games in his senior year in college

if they are planning to move a 3-4 defence who is going to play rush end? doug brown is a good pick for NT and gavin walls is a solid rush end but releasing tom canada and trading kai ellis leaves us one end too short

I don't know if anyone caught Kelly on CJOB last night with Irving but he said about his defense that they will play some 4-3 and some 3-4 and they will use multiple looks on both offense and defense.

Other interesting tidbits on the interview:

  • Hasn't ruled out Kevin Glenn coming back and competing for a job in training camp if they can't get a suitable offer for him
  • He plans on getting both Joe Smith and Fred Reid on the field at the same time
  • Wants to add another NI lineman (did that with Fritz)
  • After FA, will try to extend top players that will hit FA next year
  • Appears very high on LeFors and it certainly sounds like he will start next year
  • Wants to address the kicking game with maybe a little rip at how Berry handled Serna (don't remember the exact quote)
  • Apologized for Taman remakes but gave him another shot later "How do 3 of your top 6 lineman become free agents in the same year?" was his quote. He said it basically made it impossible for them to resign them all even if they could.
  • Making an offensive package for Bryan Randall but didn't get into much detail