Kelly speaks up

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This all begs the question... Who is the bigger douche... Kelly... or Taylor..
I nominate Taylor since back in the days when he had a real job he spent the who time trashing the CFL.
Now that he is a nobody...suddenly he is doing CFL stuff while taking pot shots at his old employers..... Sad really.
Ill never forget when Taylor was on the score and he said the CFL was nothing more then a minor league with a media focus that made it seem bigger then it really was...
Soon after Taylor got fired for plagerism... The Score dropped him as well...
Of course taylor did not go quitely... He threw the whole industry under the bus... saying that everyone did it and that he was being singled out.

Sorry Chief... I thought that South Park had made it OK to say that word.

Won't comment on Taylor but that was a good article on Kelly and the media really did do a good job of stringing him up this year.
I hope he learns from his mistakes and comes back better next year, I think he's a good coach.

I hope for Winnipeg fans he learns, I hope for my own personal ammusement he doens't.

You need to get your facts right. Scott Taylor was not fired for plagarism. He resigned from the FP and then they accused him of plagarising a portion of an NFL write-up which he denied. He is currently the sports director at CITI-FM in Winnipeg and writes for the National Post. He also does twice weekly guest spots on The Fan 960 in Calgary and weekly guest spots on Team 1260 in Edmonton as well as on other radio stations.

I found the article interesting. Most people never hear the other side of the story when it comes to media reports out of Winnipeg.

Scott Taylor has a few axes to grind when it comes the CFL and the Bombers in particular. He was the media and public relations guy for the Bombers way back in the 80s, until he was dismissed for conduct issues. After he got into the media, he made his name as the official mouth piece for Barry Shenkarow (former owner of the Winnipeg Jets), and was an instrumental part of his campaign in the mid-90s during the Spirit of Manitoba MEC fiasco. I have always felt that Scott was a good guy who made some bad decisions (and got slapped down really hard for them).
As for Kelly, it's the job of the media to present what the coach says and does, and his (Kelly's') protestations to the contrary come across as amateurish whining. Case in point, the Bob Irving interview with Kelly. I think that "Knuckles" (Bob Irving) is one of the finest sports reporters in Canada and can call a helluva football game (remember CFN). Kelly revealed himself to be churlish and shallow, and the media were right to hold his feet over the fire. While a part of me wishes that the media (especially in S. Ontario) would be more partisan towards the league and its teams, in the case of Kelly, they're right not to keep quiet. As a public figure, he cannot have only positives mentioned in his presence, and as the Blue Bombers are stilled community owned (at least for now), he it is reasonable to expect him to answer to the people who "literally" pay the bills on Maroons Rd.

....and paying the bills at Maroon road are exactly why Kelly and Bauer will most likely be around for awhile yet...One would have to weigh out the number of fans who 'might' stay away from games in the Peg with the fact that Kelly and another coach who was fired ...and most likely a gm. will have to be paid....Not an easy decision....but i'll go with Kelly sticking with strings attached.... however, I have been known to be wrong in the past :wink: I just hope a decision one way or the other is made soon... :roll: need a special permit to use intellectual words like that Chief and he'll get the paperwork rolling for you...

....I don't know Taylor like the BBs fans do but I do enjoy his contributions to the Mike Richards Show on the FAN960 here, he doesn't come across as a CFL basher at all....

I don't think anyone is saying that only the positives need be mentioned in his presence. Most people I know just want balance and there is none with the majority of the reporting coming out of Winnipeg. In so many instances the Winnipeg media has shown one side of the story and it's usually spun to make Kelly look as bad as possible IMO. They also take incidents that aren't unique and make them sound like it's never happened to any other person or team. And then they beat those incidents to death and beyond.

It amazes me how so many people will critisize their own local media (I've certainly read a lot of "so and so is an idiot so don't believe what he says" posts about reporters from other cities here) or make comments about certain reporters agenda (for example the agenda of some of the TO area media) and yet it seems like every story that has come out of Winnipeg is viewed as gospel. It's not. Some members of the Winnipeg media have an agenda too, just like so many other members of the media in other cities.

Don't expect anything different from Kelly. He says he is not going to change. He has made the comment as a matter of record. I predict if he is retained as coach for the 2010 season he won't make it thru training camp without shooting off his big mouth. He will get himself into hot water before the season opener ethier with fans or the media. Scott Taylor did not resign. He was fired from the Free Press and has an axe to grind with the newspapers. Taylor is not a big CFL fan anyways.
Maybe the board will shock all of us Bomber ( paying ) fans and finally show leadership by canning Kelly and booting him out of this city.

Give him a pro calibre QB and he'd win the Cup for you next year.

He had one :roll: Let's not forget that.

Sure he will. I also have land on the moon to sell you for a reasonable price.

Taylor said he willingly resigned at a meeting with Hirst on Friday and was unaware the paper would be issuing an apology and accuse him of plagiarism for his Nov. 5 column.
The lead sports columnist of the Winnipeg Free Press has resigned...

He wasn’t fired.

ROFLMAO: The Editor in Chief apologizes to the readers for Taylor's plagiarism, that's good enough for me. No wonder he and Kelly get along so well.

Alleged plagiarism. And the Editor in Chief never named Taylor in his "apology". It's a he said/he said story. The FP accused him, Taylor denied it.

2001 Bombers, went from 7 - 10 -1 to 14 - 4 and GC under a third string QB from BC.

re spygate Kelly was quoted saying it was "being handled internally", like it was last nights dinner. besides no subordinate goes into another teams practice without his boss knowing about it. Made CFL look bad. Kelly failed in his first season as a H.C in the big leagues,He better learn from his mistakes, (comment about Sask :roll: ) or he,will be gone by labour day. :stuck_out_tongue:

I say if they are going to punish the fine people of Winnipeg with his presence till labour day, might as well keep him on the sidelines for Labour day, especially if his Super offense plays like it did this year.

It is a priority that Mike Kelly is gone by the time training camp starts. This franschise cannot afford another year of Kelly or Bauer. The true fans, the one's who buy tickets to the games want Kelly removed. It seems the so called fans who sit at home are the only people who want Kelly back.