Kelly scores four TDs as Argos stay undefeated on Friday

MONTREAL — It was ‘four’ all around for the Toronto Argonauts on Friday.

Quarterback Chad Kelly scored four touchdowns in the 35-27 win over the Montreal Alouettes to move the Argos to 4-0 for the first time in 40 years.

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Kelly’s audition for the NFL is going very well.

Unfortunately for the Argos.

The quarterback should be exempt from the salary cap, a new rule starting 2024. Keep Kelly in Canada. :sunglasses: :+1:

Just like last year with Rourke

[quote=“Sundown, post:4, topic:87013”]
…The quarterback should be exempt from the salary cap, a new rule starting 2024. Keep Kelly in Canada.
[/quote]An unlimited salary cap won’t keep anyone from going to the NFL where the minimum wage is about twice the highest salary in the CFL and the highest paid player can make more than the whole CFL payroll. I’d like to see Kelly (and Rourke) play in Canada, but am happy for any CFLer who makes it in the NFL. Good for them.
The last 3 games this weekend were outstanding entertainment - there are extremely talented athletes in the CFL. We can’t compete financially with the annual $18 billion or so in TV money but we can compete in excitement.

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Canada can compete for a small selection of players like the starting quarterbacks and I bet several of the billionaire owners would jump at the chance.

Several billionaire owners? MLSE would be the only owners worth that much and the Argos don’t need a QB right now.
The other owners are rich but not billionaires.
And the Bombers, Elks and Riders are all community owned.

Exactly the point!
No matter how much the CFL teams offer the players the NFL can offer more. All that would happen is the CFL would go bankrupt. And any team that could afford a higher QB salary would be at an unfair advantage over teams that couldn’t afford the matching costs. That would lead to the poorer teams folding.
The CAP isn’t liked by many but it does provide for a non-perfect level playing field.
What is really needed is a solid agreement with the NFL to avoid players already in the CFL. But I seriously do not believe the NFL would agree.