Kelly Jeffery drops the ball

Kelley needs a tutorial on the difference between U-ball and the CFL. His answer to get more TDs? Run the ball more on second/medium and second/short. Sure-fire formula for an ensuing punt. First drive vs. Tranna, Riders are moving the ball to mid-field. They are second and two. One or two QB dives would move the chains, but they handoff deep to Morrow, and he get stuffed, making it second and three, punt, drive over.
News Flash Kelly: this is a passing league. Running on second and medium isn’t going to move the chains. Anything over second and three is a passing down. Read some CFL playbooks, not high school playbooks!

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I’m all for a great running game, but the GM needs to provide a better oline to open holes for it to work.

On pass plays, Harris could get the ball out quickly. Fine has yet to demonstrate this ability. Perhaps that affects play calls?

I agree, Jeffery wasn’t the best option, but literally no one else they asked agreed to take the job.


Well…true enough…lame duck GM and lame duck coach, on their final year of contract. Gainer may have taken the job, with about the same results as Jeffery…and for a lot less money.

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Hey, Jeffery is still better than having Macadoo here.

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Or Maas :poop:


indeed…McAdoo was surgically attached to Chris Jones…but it appears that modern medicine was able to divide the twins, and McAdo is now collecting a cheque for doing, basically, zilch…oh, wait, that is only marginally less than what he did as an OC.

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Our OC st show continues… we need a good one. Not these has beings. I don’t get it, and it’s happened multi times this season. We are backed up, in our end 10 yard line 2nd down 15-20 yards to make, and he calls a run. really… this O-line can’t make a hole big enough to get 3 yards most times let alone 20. This starts at the top and we need a big house cleaning. This last game was a cluster fk to say the least. Getting hard to watch a team I have support over 50 years… I also believe the players have lost faith in this system. We have some great players, now lets get some upper management to fix the rest!! And a QB, back ups will never be anything more from what I have seen.

Jeffery doesn’t seem to have adjusted to three-down football in his playcalling.

You could do a lot worse than turning over playcalling duties to Andre Bolduc.

I think our offence could do wonders with a kahari jones type calling signals, can;t they get the receiver coach to help a bit. Wasn’t he a q.b. Here at one time, I can’t remember his name. From the stamps. Isn’t that drew Tate. Could he help on the offence play calling or are we just being rushed to much all the time to fix the problem.

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As i tried to say in a long winded rant in another thread, Olinemen are generally better at either run blocking or pass protection. Last years edition, better run blockers. This years package, better at pass protection. We suck at running between the tackles. If our QBs can start hitting the medium, say ten to twenty yards, and the longer passes, then defences will start dropping more bodies into coverage is my guess. That should also take some pressure off the pass rush and open up the run game a bit. Then maybe Jeffery uses a different playbook?

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I would also add they need to start using a little imagination instead of doing the same play calling that doesn’t work.

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