Kelly fired by Bombers

Great move bombers.
The question is who should replace him???

I would say Matt Dunigan. He should get another chance. They gave Ron Lancaster another chance and he did a very ggod job....

How about Dunigan for head coach and Milt for offensive coordinator?

That would be a good combo. I think the players respect them both and they do have that brains for the job.
I don't care for the bombers but I would love to see every team being very competitive. Makes for good ball.

umm I created a thread like this, and it was merged with the other Kelly thread.. so what the hell gives?

It wasn't so much merged as taken over....

Bart Andrus and Jim Daley are available… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, the Bombers need to clean house from top to bottom. How many Coaches over the last ten years, Kelly, Berry, Daley, Reinbolt, Ritchie…(who have I missed?) on and on it goes.

No I don't agree that a total housecleaning is necessary. There are far more building blocks in Winnipeg than there are in Toronto.

Decent position coaches at all positions with the exception of offensive coordinator (a glaring problem in Toronto as well).

Good talent on both sides of the ball, bit of a weakness at QB but no worse than Toronto.

So, get a new president, head coach, and offensive coordinator, and the Bombers should be fine. Toronto needs much more than that.

well, the bombers are on the hook for doug brown AND mike kelly now.
so, since they are paying him, i'd bring back doug brown for the remainder of his contract.
maybe he learned from previous mistakes, and the players will play harder for him, now knowing what they had to go through with kelly.

either that, or pay THREE coaches in 2010.

....Doug Berry, not Brown.....and if this is correct, Kelly's contract probably has a morals clause in it making yesterday's termination final with no compensation forthcoming, meaning all the BBs are on the hook for is Berry's final year....

Ummmm, Drummer, I think you mean Doug Berry

Maybe the Bombers & Argos should just swap staff & see what happens... Couldn't be any worse. I kid, I kid. Just don't bring back Doug Berry!

Last night on CJOB Bob Irving suggested bringing in Brendan Taman as GM and Greg Marshall as head coach. I can understand the thought process but I’m REALLY not a Taman fan.

If Brendan had a bird dog like Murphy structuring the scouting I think you have a good situation. Will Murphy want to stay ??? sometimes feeding the kids and filling up the Vette probably will make him say "Mike who?"

Winnipeg is the armpit of the CFL IMO :wink:

Amazing what a criminal charge can change...

I heard on the radio this morning that Kelly was asked to step down prior to the alledged assault and the Bombers are saying that this was a football decission which was made prior to them having knowledge of the assault.

I say go after Tom Higgins. Why not?

...who was that crazy looking dude who was an OC in the league for a bit and was going to be the Ottawa HC just before they pulled the plug on that abomination a few years back...some white-blond haired guy that looked like old school WWF star Ric, hire him...

John Jenkins I think. . .

Oh why not bring back John Huard or Forrest Gregg?

...John Jenkins, yeah that was him...hire this crazy moonbat dude: