Kelly, Dinwiddie, and Williams

I have been critical of some of the things Kelly has said and done since taking the reins in Winnipeg, and I’ve also given him credit where credit is due (getting Shabazz for Ellis being the best move he’s made, that deal is a steal).

I have to give him credit for the recent QB moves.

I was never particularly impressed with Dinwiddie, so releasing him didn’t shock me.

But picking up Williams is a move that made the light come on for me.

Obviously, Kelly is installing an offence in Winnipeg this season that puts a premium on QB mobility.

Now, whatever talents Kevin Glenn and Ryan Dinwiddie have, mobility wouldn’t be on either’s list.

So moving those two out and bringing in QBs with mobility makes sense if that is the kind of offence you are going to run. So, while I was critical of way in which Kelly handled the Glenn situation, I have to give him credit in removing Glenn and Dinwiddie from the roster in favour of more mobile QBs…at least he isn’t trying to force square pegs into round holes. So he gets credit for releasing QBs who won’t fit into his offence, and recruiting QBs who will fit.

That said, has anyone thought of this?

LeFors, who would seem to Kelly’s boy and thus have the inside track for the starter’s role, is left handed. So his natural tendency will be to roll out to the left. The other QBs I believe are all right-handed and thus their natural inclination will be to roll right.

Might this not make things a bit confusing for the line and the receivers? Might it not make the playbook overly complicated, having to account for the different tendencies?

Just a thought…

I would think the biggest problem for a receiver with using right and left handed QB's would be the rotation of the ball. I might be wrong but from what side of center it comes from might not be too big a problem is you are used to a scrmbling QB. Just my humble opinion. I have to agree with you Madjack, Williams is a better choice.

Dinwiddie had some experience and the remaining players knew him. This Kelly move hes me stymied. It would be nice to fall back on something you know.

...I like your take're always very insightful.....With regards to the roll out could be confusing to a lot of positions on the field....including the defence...Left or right...advantage goes to the offence...they know where they are going...the d' is always that fraction behind...and trying to adjust....The Bombers have a lot of work to do with getting to know each players nuances..this could be a problem to begin with ..however once everyone is on board....the Kelly plan should come together

..I like the Williams signing....great guy in the locker with a strange delivery....I can see why Kelly is intrigued by him.....HOWEVER....he still has to make the team...Looks like Kilian and Hackney could be on the bubble with his signing ...we'll see... :wink: :roll:

Great guy in the locker room.............I'm sure he is; Mrs MadJack and I have met him, and came away impressed with him on a personal level.

Mobile with a strange delivery..........absolutely accurate there my friend, particularly the latter part of your phrase!

He still has to make the team...............of course, as do Kilian and Hackney. Who's on the bubble? Well Williams has more CFL experience than they do which might give him an edge.........but on the other hand they've been to the F/A camp and have been in Winnipeg from the get-go so they've got an edge on Williams in that they have advance knowledge of the playbook. Will Williams catch up enough quickly enough to surpass them? Well, that's why we have training camps and exhibition games.

Yeah Williams brings more versatility to the offense than Dinwiddie had, but not much else.

Hackney was on fire this morning as was Randall, also Taylor, Surrency and Bowman were tearing it up. The competition is very heated, could be some real big surprises to come.

If I'm reading correctly, would I be correct to assume that at this point (and of course it's way too early), LeFors, Randall, and Hackney look to be the Bombers' 3 QBs this season, with Williams and Kilian being the odd men out?

Like you said, way too soon to make any predictions. Only that for those who thought Lefors would have no competition for the starters job, were wrong. Williams wasn't on the field this morning, maybe we will see him this afternoon, but he will definitely be way behind the other four at this point.

The biggest difference is in pass protection, changing the priority on the line from left to right.

The other biggie for the offence will be the receivers.......say the play breaks down and the QB is scrambling out of the pocket...the receiver will have to break off his route and try to come back to the QB and give him a target.....the receivers may lose a precious second or two having to think to themselves (do I break right or break left? ).

...i hope we have our game plan down to the extent that execution will come smoothly....There's always adjustments..a good receiver finds the way to the ball no matter what comes out of a scramble....I've noted some pretty awesome plays in the past when it comes out of an ad lib.....but granted you don't want to be doing that all of the time....Quarterbacks knowing receivers and vice-versa are the components of success and that takes time..The Bombers will definitely be behind in that dept....but it will come .... :wink: