Kelly "Crotch of Canada" comment

Ok, we gotta start it up! I actually laughed when I heard this, nothing like some good old mud being slung between Wpg and SK to kick the season off. SO.......on that note, remember that t-shirt that said "My girlfriend wanted me to kiss her where it stinks so we went to Winnipeg"......i think I will have that one mass produced.... :smiley:

I love it!

Thats a pretty funny shirt.

On a related note, went to a Weakerthans concert last night. They have a great song where the chorus is literally "I Hate Winnipeg"

here it is "One Great City"

Why is it so windy in Saskatchewan? Because Alberta blows and Winnipeg sucks.....

Great Band. Although the "I hate Winnipeg" comment in that song is more a social commentary on the state of that city. John Samson (lead singer, started The Weakerthans after leaving Propaghandi) is from Winnipeg, and I would be very surprised if he truly does "hate" Winnipeg.

Well aware of all of that.

I am not familiar with the band, nor did I listen to the entire thing, but combined with the photo/video for the song, I got the impression it was supposed to be ironic.
The only thing ironic about what Kelly said is that people already thought he was a bit of a wingnut. Now they are sure.

Just a quick question. The saying is "Go West young man", suggesting that people should face west. Would that mean Manitoba is behind Saskatchewan? And if so, if Saskatchewan is the crotch and Manitoba is behind the crotch, what would WInnipeg be? :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I thought Kelly's comment was pretty funny. Good to have someone in Winnipeg eager to stoke the rivalry.

I actually owe Kelly my thanks. Because of all of this, I became aware of The Weakerthans, who, based upon 15 minutes of listening to some Youtube tracks, may be a band I will enjoy. At the very least, I plan on spending a little more time poking through their catalogue.

So thanks, bald dude with the left-handed QB.

FWIW Canadas best radio station (CKUA) does play the Weakerthans as well as many many other awesome artists that you will probably never hear on any regular radio station.
Yes I have heard that song a few times.
It is public funded radio & right now there is 1 week left in their spring fund drive, the music is still there & will hopefully always be there.
I am in no way associated with CKUA just a very happy listener.

The crotch comment thing? lol whatever mikey, we’ll see you on the field.
Sounds to me like he was a little short on good news so out comes this comment, personally it ticks me a bit but whatever I don’t think it is something to get too worked up over. Unfortunately comments like this happen a little too often, as long as they are coming from someone other than a Rider I guess I shouldn’t let it bother me too much.

I think I should be glad that it didn’t come from our side.

If I were Mike Kelly, I'd want to distract everyone from his QBs and o-line as well.....

His off hand comments might come back to haunt him if he cant deliver on the field. I could put up with this if he's already coached 10 seasons and had a winning record, but right now he's just a rookie who still has to prove himself. Since when does signing back up linemen and a zero win QB constitute a raiding?

winnipeg is the bowl movement i had earlier today, and it smells terrible!

Here's actual footage of the comment by the excuse of skin who said it

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