Kelly continues to turn heads at camp as big-armed QB learns the CFL ropes


I could see promise in Kelly after watching last night's game. To me generally a rookie that is going to eventually make it in the CFL shows something in their first games even though there might be a lot of negatives. Should be the #3 QB to start the season, but I think he has the tools if he is patient and sticks with it. Didn't see too many others who will take a veteran's job right away. MLB Shelly should make the team backing up Muamba and doing ST's. Was Blake dressed to have another Center available in case Lawrence went down, or is he on the bubble with guys like Richards, Giffen, Churchill knocking on the door. Also MacKellar coming on as well. I would have thought he might be the Center until Nicastro returns. Thought DT Connor Flagel might have shown enough to be kept around on the PR. Australian John Haggerty can punt which was quite obvious.

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Agreed on future stars usually showing some spark in their first few games.

Can't wait to see the Cats and Argos duke it out this year starting next week!

Wouldn't surprise me at all to see him elevate his ranking as the season progresses. I'm one who's not totally sold on MBT so I'm sure that's a factor here.

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A few surprises in the first cut down. Pipken hasn't exactly set the world on fire with the Argos, but I thought he would be around until Kelly gets a little more grooming. Had a feeling Decoud might be on the bubble with all the depth back there. Could still show up somewhere else in the
league though. They must like the MLB Tony Jones and Trevor Hoyte instead of Shelly behind Muamba. Worthy seems to get cut every year, so maybe he will be back if injuries happen again. A lot more cuts to go.

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Didn't realize Pipkin was gone till I read your post. Kelly's moving up the ladder faster than I realized. MBT better not falter.

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I'd be interested to know what kind of salary Pipkin was on, because it seems to me the thought process behind cutting him is that he's had seasons to prove he can play to a certain level but can't make the next step, whereas a cheaper Kelly potentially will?

Also I notice QB3 on the roster (as things stand) is Austin Simmons who I have no clue about, anybody enlighten me?

Still get the feeling that Ryan Dinwiddie is not all in on MBT and would love to have Nick Arbuckle back. I would make that trade if I am the Elks and no disrespect to Arbuckle. Also would not bet a lot of money on MBT re-signing for 2023 with TO given the history but do think he will still be in the league.

Cutting Pipkin sounds like the marketing dept running the show. There are a lot of things he can do where his experience would help. Argos will need to decide if they are building for the future or in it to win it. Banks and Harris are not getting any younger and good depth is part of a strong team.

Then again maybe Chad Kelly is different.

Another good drive by Kelly playing behind the starting OLine. I think Dinwiddie made the right choice making Kelly the #2 guy instead of Pipkin. Glad the game got live streamed. The lighting does get a little dark in Guelph for night games but I don't believe the University team plays any night games. MBT looked pretty good but he still has problems on those deep passes. I would still like to see four downs in these preseason games to give the young QB's more reps.