What does everyone think of this scenario.

Since you ask what I say won't be considered a personal attack or breaking forum rules.

I think you need to be medicated.

Bart Andrus for Coach of the Year

Right: Andrus for Coach of the Year, Kelly as first runner-up and Mr Congeniality (he likes having more than one role).

My guess is they've probably got Mr. T's name etched in the trophy.

I think it's laughable to even think he has a chance.

Good thing I wasn't drinking my beer when I read this.. I'd be in the market for another NEW laptop!!!!!!

Put the crack pipe down

Are you talking about the same guy you once refered to as a clown and that he had to go?

Any team going to the Grey Cup from the east that isn't Montreal, IS the coach of the year hands down.

I guess yu didn't see the last half of the game on Sunday. They played a real team with a real coach. Fun's over, you're playing with the big boys now.

Four decent games doesn't suddenly turn you into a contender for Coach of the Year. I'm with Artie, Trestman should clear a spot on the mantle.

If the Bombers make the play-offs, Kelly should get consideration for coach of the year. And if he is the one that can turn the "sow's ear" into a "silk purse", ie., Michael Bishop, he should win.
Despite all the controversy, at the end of the day, that team is exceeding expectations, which is the number one criteria for COTY.

Sitting at 6-9 is exceeding expectations? This team did the exact same thing last season... started off slow, and then made a mini run at the end to finish 8-10, and lock up the second seed in the East. This team would have to do more than just make the playoffs. They could've made the playoffs this season with Doug Berry still coaching.

Isn't that wild ? And they are still paying Berry for 2 more years !

Had they done NOTHING, they would be higher in the standings, still have their draft picks, have better attendance.

People should be fired LOL! not given awards.

I thought that I had seen and heard it all. Kelly for coach of the year. This has really turned into a circus. But you need to all rememeber this is Winnipeg. The fans in this city have the bar set low and seem content with low expectations. Mediocre play, poor performance, and yes acceptance of the status quo, all this goes hand in hand in a city that accepts this in daily life. It will be a blessing when the year is over and the circus tents are all rolled up. However don't expect that Kelly and Bauer will get turfed. Even if they did get rid of them, who would want to come here.

You will see change once there is proper ownership.

In a NFP organisation as long as there is no liabilities and a minimum of time required by the Board of Directors who in fairness have little to no skills in running a Pro sports team they are happy. They could not care less if the team wins or loses, only that there is enough money to keep it afloat and a little extra in the bank in the event there is a problem like Berry or Kelly.

All these board members want is for the team to break even or a little better every year and spend the minimum amount of time and efforts in running it and lastly make sure that there is no chance of their reputation taking a hit.

You end up with a guy like Bauer who becomes "Lord" of the grounds and really has can pull the strings fairly easily in an 8 team league.

It causes other problems as well. Look in Regina where the team keeps breaking the player expenditure rules. Who is the league going to put the screws to ? There is no "owner". The team is making huge profits that can't go in anyone's pocket so you think Tillman and dough boy are going to care about a couple 100k fine out of 13 million ? There is no owner to take a hit on his profits or lose credibility in the board room.

I understand the necessity of the public ownership in the league but it makes things difficult when at the same table you have guys with chips in the game.

It is exceeding expectations---if they make the play-offs. I personally picked the Bombers to have 6 wins total, and definitely to miss the play-offs. And the vast majority of people--pundits and fans alike---felt the same way. They could finish at 9-9 and/or in 2nd place. If they finish at 6-12, they'll miss the play-offs and we won't need to worry about Kelly as coach of the year. And as I mentioned, if he can turn MB into a qB, then he will have accomplished something that has been tried unsuccessfully for 12 years a few coaches.
The other thing you need to remember is, Kelly blew the team up before TC (and has continued to make changes) so last years record was irrelevant. That is a perfectly acceptable procedure for a team that has not won a Grey Cup in 20 years, but it seldom pays dividends this quickly. I would have thought maybe by year two or three they might turn the ship around. If they do so in the first year, that is very impressive.
The truth is, that is not a bad football team right now. The D has been good all year. It was just the O holding them back---mostly because of a lack of a QB. We can look to Hamilton and see how tough it is when your young QB struggles. The Riders have been extremely fortunate that DD has developed as quickly as he has, or we'd be struggling as well.
Finally, in an 8 team league where 3 of the HCs are nominated, who would you pick?
Trestman for sure---the odds on favourite to win right now. But after that?
Could be anyone.

Everyone else knew this was a humorous thread. Lighten up, man!

(Please don't tell me it was serious :oops: )

He's the Coach of the year allright if they handout a Razzi award.

Missmanage Assets: Check (Goodspeed,Glenn)
Criticise Org: Check (Taman)
Criticise Players: Check (Albatross, mukmuk league)
Try to circumvent league rules: Check (Winter camps with vets)
Circumvent CFLPA: Check (Lefors paycut after injury)
Criticise other teams: Check (shotgun formation)
Mock fans: Check (Mcdonalds min wage comments, crotch comments, Schizo)
Bring back Class: Check (Pacman, Ramon)
Unsportsman like behavior: Check (spy on Hamilton and Toronto)

We have a winner all right :wink: