Kelly Campbell

Does anyone know the Kelly Campbell situation, is he going to be back with the Eskimos this season I really hope so.

Last I heard he's still under conract but does not want to report to the Esk's.Don't freak at me if thing's have changed, like I said last I heard lol.

Don't know quite what to make of this but Kelly Campbell is not listed on the Eskimos roster at either or at the Eskimos website. He also isn't listed as a free agent or retired either. It sounds like his in limbo.

This is the lateast I've read about the situation. It sounds like he's having some personal problems. To be honest, I'm beginning to think we won't see him in the CFL again. That's just my opinion, though.

After trading away receiver Maurice Mann to Hamilton, Maciocia puts the odds of a return of receiver Kelly Campbell at 50/50.

After a sensational season here in 2008, Campbell tried his luck with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He was cut and his rights for the 2010 season reverted to the Eskimos on Feb. 15.

“We’ve spoken, but it’s all up in the air,? said Maciocia. “It’s far from being a slam dunk.?

Maciocia seemed satisfied with the receivers production after Mann was injured.

“There’s certain things he needs to take care of from his end and they’re not so much football related,? Maciocia said. “If he can do so and he’s at peace of mind coming to play here, we’d welcome him back.

“When I see the white of his eyes, I’ll know he’ll be playing here.?

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“When I see the white of his eyes, I’ll know he’ll be playing here.?
Whoa! A little racist there Danny, don't you think?? :?

Ha ha the saying is "whites of his eyes," but then again I don't know what kind of people you are running into all people I have met or seen from all over the world have whites in their eyes whatever the colours of their eyeballs or otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knows why he said only "white."

He could have been more creative and said something like, "Well when our locker room smells even more like a locker room, perhaps I'll take a look around to see if he's come back." :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that’s a joke, Orange. There’s nothing racist about that.

No, that's not historically been regarded as racist. It originated from the 1700's - one source attributes it to a Scottish commander battling the French, while the majority credit the statement to William Prescott in the US Revolutionary War, as the US soldiers were chronically low on ammunition, and were given the "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes" order to minimize misses and preserve ammo.

Danny daid nothing wrong here....unlike the Professor's "step 'n fetchit" comment from last year.

That's an ancient expression: "Don't shoot 'til you see the whites of their eyes". It has nothing whatsoever to do with racism. I think Danny is owed an apology.

That's where I original heard the expression.

I'm not sure Danny's lying awake at night fretting over a comment made by some dude on the internet called "rhymes with orange".

I know Danny's not racist. I believe that term originated in the battle of Bunker Hill. But having lived in the US for a number of years, it's my understanding that it has a slightly different meaning in the south. More an unfortunate turn of phrase I thought, but I apologize if I offended. Sorry.

Can't you guys discuss anything without turning it into a debate over racism and/or women's fashion? SRSLY! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was gonna start a thread about why I think bandanas are demeaning to people of Norwegian descent, but now you've got me a little gun-shy....

....Let's not get started on the Norwegian 'bandana' thing.....that's treading on thin ice.....In any event i don't think Kelly Campbell is Norwegian........or is he?????? :roll: :roll:

I think when his great-grandparents came over they shortened their name from Campbellfjardstromssongensson.