....Picked this up off of the Edm. Sun....... Kelly Campbell has been released by Tampa of the nfl...Ritchie Hall says they don't need Campbell as they have the guys there to fill the bill....Says he wouldn't be able to pick-up the offence this late in the season...hmmmmmmm Hall does have a point there....but i'd say they just cut Campbell loose and the rest of the league gets a shot at him....Wow ...... I just thought of this combo, Bowman,Edwards, Ryan,Campbell together....that's quite a receiving corps...dare to dream papa....dare to dream..... :slight_smile:

Why would Edmonton cut Campbell when he is a good receiver, and they could easily get something for him in a trade? I'm sure any team (including my Ticats) would ship a good player Edmonton's way if it meant they could get Campbell's rights in 2009, then sign him to a long term deal.

With the emergence of Cobb, and KK still on Hamilton's 9 game IR, I could see Obie shipping Tre Smith or Terry Caulley to Edmonton for Campbell's rights.

...i don't believe they can retain his rights when they refuse to sign him....Esks.probably don;t have the cap room to bring him in.. ....making him a free agent....which he is at the end of this season in any event...Someone is going to make a play for him...Argos?????maybe...

As far as quality import receivers go, my Ticats have Bruce, Rodriguez, and two rooks they really like, Drisan James and Marquay McDaniel. But if Kelly is available, Obie will go after him. Rodriguez is missing a lot of games due to injury, and James is still developing.

Like you suggest, I could also see the Argos making a play for Campbell, papazoola. Their receiving corps absolutely sucks. The NFL Europa rejects they currently employ are just not good.

i think at least three or four teams would like a try at him if they got the chance... however i dont think the bombers would be one of them, one cause of the cap and two which import will he replace?
Edwards? no: has been our best reciever the past couple years.. great team guy

Bowman? no: has had trouble with drops but at age 23/24.. i can live with that he is a big physical reciever that makes plays and has real potential to be something special

Ryan/Amey? maybe: both these guys have played well in limite action so its too early to tell if theyl turn out to be good but what they have going for them is a low pricetag... at the difference in cost id stick to trying to develope ryan and or amey..the speed and effort these guys bring is amazing..

ralph? no: hes canadian, experienced, has disappeared at times but hes done what hes been asked to do and has become a fairly important and consistent part of this offense

Hargreaves/Arthur: again canadians, younger and cheaper

We dont really have room for any reciever with a verteran pricetag like campbell.. someone cheaper maybe they bring in and take a look at but otherwise i dont think we have room for anyone else. we must be close to the cap as it is

firs off i dont think edmonton is looking for your back up running backs on in two lol and if any team signs him im guessing toronto...if calgary didnt trade for bryant i would have thot maybe them if rambo cant bounce back from his injury but again with bryant around i wouldnt think that possible anymore. but yes toronto is the only team i think will be picking him up...they really need a reciever...i couldnt believe they cut dont just cut your best athlete like that i dont care how much he was apparantly distracting or whatever.

campbell might make it to the offseason, if he does i sincerely hope the bombers bring him in... edwards campbell and bowman would be a sick recieving corps, with amey and ryan backing up..... for canadians we will have arthur and hargraves... with the decent vet in ralph... if we brought in campbell, our recieving corps would match our 07 group IMO

i dont think we have the cap to do it honestly. not without letting someone significant go

Well, Bowman's a free agent next year...fully expect him to take a run at the NFL, unfortunately for us. So we could have the room for Campbell...

I wasn't sure about Bowman's status, so I asked Bob Irving about it...

"Sorry for the delay in answering this. I had a chance to talk to Adarius today, he is in his option year and becomes a free agent in February."

Bob's on glue kubie, both he and shabazz signed extensions this spring. There is no way he is a free agent, maybe in his option year, but definitely not a free agent.

[url=] ... azz-bowman[/url]

Get out...Bob's never wrong, is he??? LOL

Either way, isn't it likely he tries the NFL next year?

I don't think the Bombers have the cap room to make a run for Campbell, but if they do, they may as well. There will probably be a lot of teams in the running, though.

I suspect Bowman will be in his option year next season, which means he is free to try his luck in the NFL but failing that, he will still be a Bomber.

However, the CBA with the CFLPA also expires next year, I doubt that clause will be changed, but with the league pushing for a drug policy, you never know what kind of agreement will be reached. Since the CFL cut it's ties with the NFL this year and doesn't have an agreement in place, who knows what Cohon has planned ????

Our cap will be fine for next season. This year has been a struggle because of the way past contracts were structured. We were paying out a lot of bonuses and such to guys no longer with the team which took cap space. The Bombers management has said that with the way contracts are now being structured that cap space will not be an issue in the future.

bowman has scary potential but to be honest right now i dont think he is an nfl quality reciever...
he has all the tools: size, speed, big play ability
but lets not let the past month cloud the whole season, early on a lot of fans were wanting him cut, made at least four or five easy drops early on and a couple very costly fumbles... i think hes on track now and will only get better with experience... but RIGHT NOW i dont think he is consistent enough in the hands department to stick in the nfl... and i truly hope not cuz i see a very bright cfl future for him and a lot of tds in blue and gold hopefully :smiley:

....I do see Bowman as nfl calibre 'potentially'.....not now....He wouldn't get a sniff with the credentials he has.... A few good years here (he's only 23) then maybe he will head south...There are'tons' of excellent receivers in the states just waiting for a chance....Look what happened to Kelly Campbell....He was another potential 'star' (and he is a damned good receiver) but he finds himself back in the CFL....(or will be shortly)....So i'm looking forward to having both on our the expense of who you might ask??????Nother topic for another day :wink:

Once you lose a player to the NFL, sometimes it's difficult to get them back. We've been hoping Sam Giguere would make the much anticipated trip to tigertown, but it seems he would rather sit in his appartment and make 400k/year NFL PR money then make 100k/year and be a top N/I WR in the CFL. He'll crack eventually :lol: