Kelly Campbell staying in Tampa

Well, even though they released him, they have put him on the Injury reserve list!

he's not coming back to the CFL at this point in time!

Not right now. But he can easily be released from that list as soon as he is healthy. I bet this just delays his return a few weeks or so, and if not its not like it really matters, as the Esks' receivers have proven to be amongst or arguably the best set in the league.

perhaps yes, it looks like they don't wanna lose him to another NFL team.. they must know something!

the Esks do have a really good receiving core yes.

...and if Campbell ever made he would open things up quite nicely be being a constant deep threat using his tremendous speed which should free up Maurice Mann for a 1-2 punch that would be downright scary

If he is on injury reserve, I dont think he will be coming back this year. It guarantees him his full season salary and he can't play at all in the NFL in 2009.

well if “ifs and buts were Candy and nuts”…

You'd be half-way to some pretty good trail-mix? :slight_smile: