Kelly Campbell. Future franchise Receiver?

Campbell the future WR for the Esks?

I'd say it's still too early to give him that title. But he certainly looked good the other night.

Campbell isn't a young receiver by any means, hes 28. But if he can consistently play at a level similar to that of last Thursday's game, he will establish himself as one of the top receivers in the league.

Longitivity will tell but the dude can run like the wind and he can catch too!! It all depends on the opportunities. Look at Bowman last week for the Riders. The guy breaks one for 74 yards and the TD. If he doesn't make that run-and-catch play, he finishes with about 30 yards recieving and no TD's. It's all about capitalizing on your opportunities. It's great to see Ray with a new target for sure!!!!

I'm looking at the Box Score for Week 4
Did Campbell even play ??

Ray threw to him a couple times, but he was pretty well defended.

I have to agree this guy is a keeper for you guys. He won the game against Calgary now if he could throw and catch! LOL Never mind but he is a good find.

He had a pretty decent NFL career cut short due to injury though. Wish he was wearing green and white instead of green and yellow.

How about Orange and Black? :stuck_out_tongue: