Kelly Campbell back with Esks

Eskimos offence got a big shot in the arm with the signing of Kelly Campbell this morning. Campbell and Stamps will be a tough combo for opposing defences.

And defenses around the league just got a migraine.

Great for the Esks to have Campbell returning, bad for the rest of us.

Did he sign a new contract or just decide to honour the one he signed in October, 2009?

TSN mentioned him being in his option year, so... Personally, I can't believe he's back. I thought for sure we wouldn't see him again. Nice to have him back, though. :thup:

Kelly Campbell back with Esks

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The Edmonton Eskimos' passing game just got a whole lot better.

The Eskimos are welcoming back receiver Kelly Campbell. The 29-year-old Georgia Tech product returns to the CFL, after spending an injury-plagued 2009 season with the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Campbell drew attention from south of the border, after he caught 54 passes for 1,223 yards and seven touchdowns with the Eskimos in 2008. He also has prior professional football experience with both the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings.

Details of Campbell's return to the Esks weren't immediately made known Friday morning. (bh/bp)

Apparently his stint down South was plagued with injuries, so I hope he's in good shape now. Things are a whole lot brighter for the Esks if he's 100%.

I can't see how he could be in his option year. The deal he signed last October was reported to be a 2 year + 1 option. If they threw that out and renegotiated a new deal then it would have to be a 1 + 1. Would the CFL allow them to change the old deal to a 1 + 1 at this date? And even if they did, would his being suspended last season make it so that 2009 wasn't counted as the first year of the contract?

This is a fine example of a player for whom the revolving door back to the NFL should be locked now for at least two more years, if not prefeably longer, now that he is back and before he gets any more bright idea$ to give the NFL a go post-NFL labour agreement for 2011 and beyond.

Note that the NFL lockout is a very ugly, lurking awful prospect now that it has been revealed that the NFL owners are in a "damned if we play damned if we don't we still make make millions" situation.

See the associated lockout post in the "Other Leagues" thread for details on that matter.

At the very least there have been some extremely sleazy and also likely illegal tactics for sake of US laws (and much of English common law for that matter) regarding contracts and fiduciary duties by the owner and league for which also the otherwise normally wholesomely viewed Goodell was party.

I'm confused myself. I forgot he signed a new deal in 2009. TSN said he's reportedly in the option year, but Wiki says he signed a multi-year deal in 2009, but the general consensus was that Edmonton owned his rights for this season, but that he'd probably be a FA next year. I don't know... :lol:

All I know is he's back this year, and hopefully he hasn't lost a step. Having him and Stamps... yikes. :o

Edit: And just to confuse a little more, this is exactly what TSN said: Campbell, who was suspended by the Eskimos when he failed to show up last fall, is reportedly in the option year of his original deal and would become a free agent next season.

:lol: So I guess the new deal was wiped out... :?

How could he be in the option year of his original deal? I thought he signed with the NFL using his option year window. If that's the case then he would have been a FA this year.

i think cuz they suspended him, his option year contract got deffered to this season. every report ive seen from tsn or whatever has him being in his option year right now. they all say he's a fa at the end of the season, im not sure how that works but... just going on what ive seen in articles and stuff, seems that he is in his option year this season. i have no idea how that works but... it seems to be the case.

This is why the CFL should be a little more open with its contracts.