Kelly Butler

so whats the latest on mr butlers contract status with the afl team.

seems to be taking a while to clear this mess up.

I've heard it's been taken care of and he's back with the Bombers but I don't have a link. Someone at Extra Point posted that but didn't include a source.

cool. good to know. hopefully its cleared up cuz i dont see him on the roster. not sure what this guy is gonna be like but his size and experience certainly cant be overlooked :slight_smile: good to know :slight_smile: thanks.

Butler's situation has been sorted out and he is indeed going to be at TC!!! :thup:

just browsing the roster at and see that kelly butler is back on :slight_smile: so i guess the issue has been resolved :slight_smile: good stuff :slight_smile:

This is a good thing, i have been watching the roster for awhile and Kelly Butler has not been on there for some time until just recently. To be honest i have been kind of panicking about the situation because i heard the contract situation was sorted out awhile ago, this is great news for Bomber Fans.


article by kirk penton 5/5/2010:

Kelly Butler is officially a Bomber again after the Arena Football League’s Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz released him from their roster.

The 6-foot-8, 350-pound import offensive lineman signed with Winnipeg in March, but the CFL voided the contract after it learned he was under contract with the Yard Dawgz.

O-line should be very good this year

You know if he makes the team, every time he gets a procedure or holding penalty, Rod Black is gonna go "...the Butler did it...".

Every. Single. Time.

Is he really so good that he's worth this annoyance? 'Cuz if not, cut him now and save us all.

Poppy-cock artie, Professor Kelly did it in the kitchen with a revolver.

Would that be any less annoying that his reminding us ad nauseam that Jarrett Payton is the son of the later former NFL great Walter Payton?

…you mean the son of sweetness :lol: …good grief…i sure hope they patched up the centre field at the Rogers Centre…orrrrrrr we could hear endlessly about that… :lol: Poor ol Rod…he should really have stuck to figure skating


Black and Suitor...the spectres of which can really put a damper on the enthusiasm of the approaching season...

The same annoyance level. And as Payton the Younger is no longer in the league, Rod's down a stock phrase, which only elevates my concern.