Kelly: Aussie Rules stars get a kick out of CFL game

The cross-cultural kicking contest had entered stage two after the Argos’ practice when Toronto quarterback Steven Jyles wandered by.

“So, y’all are football players?? Jyles asked, in the same amused tone you might use when asking a kid wearing a cowboy hat if he’s the Lone Ranger.

He was asking Jason Davenport, one of two vacationing Aussie Rules pros invited to Monday’s practice.

As Jyles arrived, Davenport and his pal, Gary Ablett Jr., who might be that other sort of football’s biggest star, were being taught the basics of field-goal kicking.

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According to Dave Naylor, 4 Aussie Rule football players have been placed on CFL neg lists as punters/kickers. Apparently they would count as NI on the ratio because they haven't played football in North America.


Kickers don't get enough love.

that's a strange loophole.
I've always thought that NI meant Canadian.

Well that increases the talent pool dramatically then. Time to send talent scouts to Tanzania and Siberia. :o

That's one crazy game
Maybe the Argos should send their receivers down under for some training:

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Imagine Chad Owens climbing up the back of a DB and launching himself into the air like that?

It's a brilliant game. I have no idea what's going on, but it sure is exciting... :rockin:

Current non-import rule:

“A player who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate of 7 years prior to turning 15 or if he’s a Canadian Citizen, was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of 5 years prior to turning 18.”

So, no, if they’ve never resided in Canada, they can’t be non-imports.

Also... Any non-import must have their name go through draft elegibility to be considered NI. Unless they fall under territorial exemption. Like Sean white. Dwayne forde wrote a great article on about understanding draft and NI rules.

Yeah that makes two of us. I was quite surprised to learn that.
Here's a specific quote and link (end of the article) about this topic.

Football is not a game with a lot of options for recruiting international athletes. But some CFL teams are investigating a trend that has been unfolding the NFL where teams have auditioned punters from Australia. Two NFL teams currently have Australian punters (Washington and Dallas) and earlier this year, there were a total of four on NFL rosters. The bonus for CFL teams is that any player who has never played North American football qualifies as a "Canadian" or non-import in the CFL. Saskatchewan and Calgary are the first two CFL teams to have added Australian punters to their negotiation lists.