Kelly apologizes

.....At least the guy can admit when he's off base....Bob Irving asked a question , a few fans would have like to ask...The effort didn't look like it was there...Kellys passion for the BigBlue IS there ..we just didn't need that response he gave at this juncture in the season...... We'll put this one behind us.... cuz.we have a GAME this Sun... :thup:

Sure. Forgive and forget. Kelly obviously has a heart of gold. He deserves a second chance...for the 16th time.

It’s not the first time Kelly has gone and said something stupid. . . and I guess, sadly, it’s not going to be the last, either.

But papa is right. . . the game on Sunday is far more important that worrying about Kelly’s latest bombast. Worry about all that nonsense after the season is over. If they were going to fire Kelly over making stupid public comments, it would have happened long ago. . . now is hardly the time.

Sometimes I say stupid things also :lol:

Kinda funny how so many pundits said this game ment nothing, start your backups etc. Now that we lost the game they want to beat up on us, its always the same. I have little respect for the media. Much of the sports media in Canada would love nothing better than see the CFL fold. Thats the truth

Paul, that's not the point. All the media was asking was if Kelly did decide to rest up for the next game by taking this one easy and he absolutely went nuts. It's not the first time he's done this, he needs to be fired and should've been long ago. This isn't the NFL, in the CFL the league is 100% fan driven and the fans only real portal to everything CFL is the media. So when morons like Kelly keep shooting them down just because he needs anger management and has diarrehea at the mouth, he's shutting out the people who pay his bills. Biggest flake, least professional coach in CFL history, nuff said. Fire Kelly, get someone respectful and more knowledgable to fill the role.

Kelly is very knowledgeable, he learned his craft from Cal Murphy and Andy Reid, nuff said !
He has passion for the game and it gets the best of him at times. I rather have a coach with to much pasion than not enough, like a Jim Daly or Higgins.

Kelly has zero class. He will gladly shmooze with the media if the Bombers win, but if they lose, he takes out his frustration on them.

Bellefuelle surely wanted to blow up after the Ticats lost to the Bombers a few weeks back, but he answered every media question in an intelligent, thoughtful, calm matter of fact way. Kelly should watch some of that film this week instead of just film of the Ticat players. He might learn something that he should have learned in kindergarden...treat others with respect.

You really think any coach wouldn't get upset when the media critisizes the heart of his players or when their personal intregity is being called in to question? :roll:

Puts all the focus on him and draws attention away from the players.

That same question has been put to coaches for years in situations like this (game less meaningful for one reason or another). Wingnut Kelly is the only person to completely blow his top for no reason, act like a jackass, and embarrass the Bombers' organization.

Have you heard anyone calling for Bishops head, 8 for 21.
How about Reid, 11 for 37 after guaranteeing he'll win the rushing title.
How about Westwoods punting, Serna's kicking.
Special 'olympic' teams play.
Or the 100 plus yards in penalties.

This was an absolute regression of monumental proportions for the team in all 3 phases. Yet nobody has even given it a second thought since.

There is always a reason.

Where do you live PaulPeason? Not that it matters, but if you don't live in Winnipeg (or around) then you don't know how silly your comment looks.

You may be right about alot of the media in Canda, but this was The BlueBombers VOICE for the last few decades Kelly just blew up on. Bob Irving knows more about the Bombers than Kelly ever will - despite Kelly's "passion" for the team. He is FAIR, he is HONEST and he asks the questions that he must ask - and he does so with utmost respect to the coach - Including this one!

Please don't lump Bob Irving in with the rest of the media in Canada. Nothing could be further from the truth than that!

You can't be serious?!? I'm sure Cal Murphy, Don Matthews, Adam Rita and many others have said or done much worse things than what Mike Kelly said after the Als game.

Well no of course not, we can’t call for Bishop’s head after going 8 for 21, we would offend paulpearson too much were we to do that !!

Who said he embarrassed the Bomber organization ? You ? Like that means anything !

You can't argue that his actions don't reflect on the organization. When he says or does something stupid, like cursing on the radio, that draws public attention, scrutiny, or whatever you want to call it, to not only him but to the bomber organization. Every story on this will mention the blue bombers and with each antic the blue bombers organization becomes the butt of another joke. Sorry, kasps, but as a bomber fan i would rather have people talking about the football team and the games than a coach cursing on the public airwaves. I've also seen it suggested that he does this to deflect attention from the players. If that's true his outbursts make it all the worse because he's made several stupid statements this year, which obviously means he's had to bail out the players from accountability many times this year. This makes it even more pathetic. They are getting paid to do a job, they're grown men, they should be able to handle criticism and their coach should not have to worry about their feelings getting hurt.

Kelly's supposed to be a professional coach in a professional league with guidelines on how personnel that work in the league are supposed to behave as what they say or do reflects on the team and the league. Criticism comes with the job. Deal with it. You just lost a game in a blow out, and coming off a performance like they had against the same team the week before the obvious question is what went wrong. Show you're a professional, answer the questions, don't stand there with a silly grin and say you will only answer questions you want to answer. Games are lost all the time, you don't see every coach behaving this way.

That said, its time we start ignoring MKs outbursts and focus on the football. The played a stinker, lets hope they turn it around and knock the Ti-Cats silly this weekend.

BlueBlood's comment on how would most of us react when his integrity and the heart of his Players is brought into question, is succinct , and right on the mark.
Just because the question was asked by an experienced and "polite" interviewer does not mean it was ok to ask the question in that way. And Mitch Zalnaski is not the most polite or couth person to have a "discussion" with.
Perhaps the interviewer will be more careful in the future when he asks Coaches this type of question.
I know Coach Kelly has ruffled a lot of feathers, including mine, from time to time, but, he always sticks up for his Players, he believes in them, and I believe they will play their hearts out for him.
I love his passion for his team and for the game.
If I was Mike Kelly, would I want to stick around Winnipeg for another season? He has deserved some of the abuse he has suffered, but I hope a big win against Hamilton will be the turning point our team deserves.
It certainly has not been a boring season, lets think positive, and support our team and their coach.

Busted! You didnt' hear it, did you :lol:
I don't recall Mr Irving getting the chance to ask a question, especially "in that way". Actually, moments before Kelly was on air, Irving was actually defending him.

Everyone here knows I like coach Kelly and what he is doing with the team (for the most part) but he really needs to use more tact! Whats wrong with simply disagreeing, and admitting they got beat by a better team that day! In the early 90's Cal used to send Kelly down to do many interviews. Maybe Kelly should now learn to do the same.

And Kelly's comments weren't directed at what Bob Irving said. They were regarding the rant by Mitch Zalnasky which Kelly heard on the cell phone they gave him while they had him waiting to go on the air.

He appologized for the language not that he completely missunderstood what was being said. He was still is making stuff up about what was said yesterday when he met the media. They never question the heart or effort, after listening again they suggested their minds were somewhere else, knowing no matter what it would come down to that last game. Were they wrong ? Possibly but it they never attacked the players or team for their effort.

Then yesterday Kelly goes after them again, saying they have no right on commenting on how hard they work if they don't attend practice ! When this was never said or infered. Kelly is losing his mind and has not learned anything all season, NOT ONE THING.

The whole "I defend my players like a lion defends his pride" is ridiculous. Defend them from what ? criticism ? Pro athletes ! Wow ! This is a first. Last month he was defending his daughter, this time its his players, next week seals... :slight_smile:

It is clear as crystal to me that the staff and likely the management at CJOB as had it with Mike Kelly, looks to me like someone else is going to defend his "pride". Judging by how they've rallied the cause in spite of it all shows tremendous class from Irving and a serious support of the organisation.

How someone can defend Kelly and make him a martyr is beyond me.