Kelly Acknowledges Mistakes


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The three ghosts of Christmas. We have Taylor now Penton wonder who else he or Bauer can bribe to give him free press in December. Ironic that he abused them all season and now they control his ability to get his message out.

Midnight hour plea to save his job, that alone says more than words. He sounds sincere but he has to be evaluated on his actions not what he'd "like to be". I'm not going to break down every sentence but the issues are still there.

In other words good FOR HIM that he realizes what a mess he's made of this opportunity but his next opportunity should not be with the Bombers. Risk is too great and as we saw this year his ability is grossly self amplified and as he says himself he's burned out.

So who ever bashes Kelly is credible, but the reporters who don't, are not credible . :roll: :roll:

Kelly has admitted mistakes. Now he should be a man and resign.

If you want to believe that they go out and get to know a sports figure every week that's up to you. They waited till football was over and hockey season in to get to Kelly. LOL! I'd like to see what Q and A they did with other sports figures the last four or six weeks cause I can't find any...

The timing is a little too convenient and it is obvious if you read the football boards that these two recent out of season interviews by guys who don't cover football are attempts to get some sympathy and quiet down the surprisingly large faction that want's him gone. He's still the most talked about person in the CFL and the season is over and the talk is not exactly flattering.

On a personal level I am not a big fan of him bringing his daughters in this kind of discussion, make him look like he's using them to get public sympathy. This is a guy who constantly complains that the media isn't sticking to football discussion but constantly manipulates things. I guess that is "controlling the message".

When you read him state that he's happy with his OC, that would frighten the hell out of me as a fan.

The Bombers need a GM with some experience who can size things up and can impose respect because clearly Bauer can't or is not interested enough to do it. Someone like Higgins (example) is the kind of guy that has integrity and wealth of experience. He might be a good candidate to handle the GM's position and hold the business side of things so that Bauer could be given his golden parachute that he's hanging around for and give time to Asper's extension deadline. Higgins didn't let Matthews get away with stuff. I'm pretty sure he would have Kelly on a short one...

So if they decide to give him the opportunity to redeem himself that Kelly seeks. The board should at least get a GM and put an exprience coordinator in place so that next year they can evaluate people properly and that the board isn't held at ransom by one or two individuals.

Hasn't really admited anything. More like , begging promising he can do better, an opportunity he was not willing to offer to others... :wink:

Completely agree, good insight.

We are still paying Berry, I can't see the Bombers paying 3 head coaches at the same time. He probably gets half the season to see if the team is going in the right direction. If things don't go well and kelly is fired, I hope the board gets it right with Kelly's replacement or it will get a lot uglier than we can imagine.

....i'm one fan who is willing to give Mike another shot.....certainly things couldn't/can't go on the way they were....In the article ..he definitely sounds sincere...The team was starting to come together towards the end of the year and was actually pretty quiet on the 'KELLY' FRONT;....I think the change had started there and it looks like he is willing to continue on in the same vane...I'll give him the front part of 2010 to show how sincere he is about getting this team back to the 'winning days/ways' and to tone down the off-field antics....I have a feeling we'll see Mike behind the bench but as far as Bauers job goes....the jury is still out....A new vp/gm 'could' have his own ideas, on who should coach the BigBlue orrrrr he may stick with the coaches for 2010 and make adjustments ,when and to what positions, at his own discretion...I have a feeling we could hear sometimes this week....Should be interesting :wink:

....NOW would you still like to be stuck with this:



Might get this too

....naw....i liked the 'Marley DO' on gives him that 'special' look :wink: :lol:

I think The Andrus is really cool.... looks like he's boating at high speed even at rest. It's got that Speed Racer , Japanese anime quality to it...

You didn't look very hard. Here's one Penton did with Kyries Hebert from Dec 6:
Different reporters do the feature at the Sun so it can be difficult to find if you don't know who did it a specific week.

As for his daughters, he didn't bring them into the conversation. Penton asked him what he was going to be doing for the holidays. How was he supposed to respond?

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He could have said. I will be spending time with my kids or family. I am not saying he purposely mentioned the girls to draw sympathy but I would not put it passed him.

You don't like my art ?

You never answered my question if you were related or a personal friend of Professor Kelly ?

I don't see how saying he's spending time with them and is proud of them is an attempt at sympathy.

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As for Kelly, I've never met the man in my life.

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I just read the article (the NFL game is kind of boring). Now, I've stated in the past that I don't like Kelly, but to be perfectly honest, I'm completely indifferent toward the Bombers, so it makes no difference to me whether or not Kelly remains. So here's my completely unbiased opinion.

The impression I got from that interview is Kelly is an in-your-face kind of guy, and he realizes that sort of personality can clash with the media, and so he's going to try to tone it down next season so that there's not so much drama surrounding the team. I commend him for that. He realizes his mistake, and he wants to fix it. It shows growth, and that's good...

... because this team can't fire Kelly. The Bombers are already paying Berry, so unless they promote someone already within the organizatio, they'd be paying for three coaches, which just isn't possible. Not to mention this team needs continuity. How is this team ever supposed to progress if coaches are being fired year after year?

It's like the situation in Edmonton a couple years ago. When Danny M. announced he was coming back for one more season, I didn't like it... but I knew he still had the respect of the players, so I had no choice but to accept it. I think it's the same here. Some fans may not like Kelly, but they have no choice but to accept him as the coach for now. All you can do is hope he won't be around in 2011, like I hoped Danny M. wouldn't be around in 2009.