Kellett is Gone???!!!

Traded to Ottawa fro a 5th pick??? What are we thinking???

Source, please??

Popp must have some great kickers at training camp to make this deal.

that is a shocker…

He must be really high on either Duval or Ray to be able to let kellet go just like that. Im sure Popp has some master plan though he always seems to know better than everyone else

I think he was part of a 3way trade for Vaughn. Kellet traded to Edmonton right after.

Nope he is in Ottawa, and another thing, why is Popp trying justify this trade by saying that the Alswon 14 games with Kellets condition, but what he is leaving out is that 2 of the 4 losses came while he was forced out becuase of his eye condition. Then they lost 2 , and he was forced to come back and play with a patch over one eye. Now granted kickers dont win games but why trade a veteren CANADIAN kicker who does all three jobs??? Good luck to Matt he was a great additiont o our beloved Als, and gretaly missed.

Yup, this is a really weird call from Popp…but he always seems to surprise us each year.

This is a great trade. Kellet was unable to kick a field goal more than 35 yards and his punts were less than average. Stala can easily handle the punting duty and we got a kicker in the draft. Kellet don’t worth a first round pick, grat move by Popp, again!

That is a weird trade, you don;t get rid of a decent (notice not saying great) kicker that handles both kicking and punting, Als must be really high on Proulx to have made that trade.

Come talk Alouettes football Go Als Go!

Kellet is no more than a average kicker. After 35 yards, he misses half the time. We can easily find better.

its funny that as soon as someone leaves the organization everyone starts to bash them. Kellett was gret ain his 1st year with the als and was hampered by an eye injury that 99% of any other kickers would not even attempt to play with one eye and play the way he did , he was there for his team when they brought in an american who had a great leg but sucked in accuracy and that playoff game 35 yard average in th dome come on. Kellett is and will be a great kicker in this league for many more years. If stalla was so good popp would have never brought in Marical (?) for help then he back fired and Kellet had to play with 1 eye, so to say it’s going to EASY to replace him is a ridiculous statement, hopefully we can replace him.

Common Patches, Kellet is not a great kicker. Can you compare him to Prefontaine? NEVER! Kellet is unable to kick a 40 yards FG and his punts are average. I live in Gatineau, and I can say that everybody across the river in Ottawa are frustrated about this trade. Even Joe Paopao can’t really explain why he did that trade. Kellet had one good year in this league and that’s it. Don’t forget the Lions waived him because he was unable to do the job.

Kellett was a mediocre punter at best. I’ll say it again: he was a big reason why we had poor field position many times last year. He was good on field goals within the 35-yard range but I’m sure we can get the new guys to be just as competent. Besides, we’re a team with an explosive offense and great red-zone production, so we don’t need a placekicker to bail us out too often.

[quote=“disciplineandpunish”]Kellett was a mediocre punter at best. IHow can you possibly say that we won’t need a place kicker to bail us out too often? Kellett scored 30% of the Als points last year and missed 3 games(174/584).Also what you fail to appreciate is that finding one individual to do all three facets of kicking is difficult , if we don’t get someone to do everything this will result in areduced roster in other positions.

I think Matt Kellet can easily be replaced. I really only think he was a good punter. He had no leg on kickoffs, and I had no confidence in him at all in field goals. He came close to missing a few extra point attempts, before he even had the eye patch!