Kellet.. Let him go ???

i was watching the edmonton and Ottawa's game and before kick off they were talking about Kellet the kicker for ottawa. many of you may already know but he has been having eye problems lately wich have led to some missed feild goals that should have been made! he recently started to wear glasses, that helped for a bit, but as soon as he was traded to ottawa the problem's came back................THEN out of the blew they went away, yet he missed this game with a pulled groind. if it were up to me i would let him go! a kicker with bad eye site.... You really dont need that on your hands. if you take away his eye site and give him blurred vision he is bound to miss feild goals.

what do you think?

keep him ....he's a grea kicker

Cause your kicker tonight who had good eye sight was so good

I'd say keep him, he is a good experienced kicker. Even with his vision problem, he still kick a lot better than some of the League kickers.

The question is: who would you replace him with? Lawrence Tynes isn't coming back.

Hey, maybe Hebert, that young kicker who played last year with the Stampeders, could do the job. I thought he was okay. He's one of the very few Stampeders who put points on the board last season.

I don’t know if you let him go quite yet … But he’s gotta understand that there are literally hundreds of guys out there that are 100% healthy and wanting to do that job … If I were him, I wouldn’t care if I was missing a leg … I’d be out there trying to kick field goals trying to save my job … instead of doing TSN interviews with the excuse-de-jeur (I added this just for our new LCF peoples). If any other player on the field was missing an eye, or seeing double … I doubt we’d be having this discussion … I have no idea why he is exempt.

Too many excuses - Not enough field goals …


True. Aren't there, among the 33 millions people in Canada, at least NINE guys capable of kicking field goals? You'd figure it wouldn't be so hard to find an appropriate non-import kicker.

On an almost related topic, I have a friend (former soccer player) who can kick 60 to 70 yards punts. His problem is constance. He'll kick a 65 yarder, then shank two, then one too high of 35 yards and then back to a 70 yarder... But he never practiced at all. He just does it for fun when we go play outside on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I am pretty sure this guy could have made it to the CFL had he tried seriously to work on his punting ability. And it got me wondering; just how many guys could do a good job in the CFL and just doesn't know it? There must be a ton of them (at least for the kicking duties)

Over the years, I've seen some pretty good kickers in Junior football. (Jamie Boreham, Paul McCallum come to mind.) But there has been many more, but they never seem to make it to the "Big Show". I wonder if it's a pressure thing. It may be easy to kick in front of 2000 people, but maybe harder in front of 30,000? There have been some good kickers that have played in the BC Junior league that have vanished. Going down to Kelowna to catch a few games this year. I'll see if there is anyone "Up & Comming".

No question ... Our kicker (Abuti Mourtado - Calgary Thunder) has hit 48 yard field goals this year ... kick offs regularly go through the endzone and his punts are second to none through our entire league ... and he's tough as hell .. not your typical kicker ... When i've asked him if he's thought about taking his talents to the next level and trying his hand with one of pro's ... he just laughs and says "Hah - C'mon I dont give a sh!t ... "

But yes .. you are right .. there is more than 9 guys in all of Canada that can kick field goals reliably ...


maybe we should ship westwood to ottawa. i think i like tohe looks of armstead and an olineman (and of course we would send sotkes and peterson)

Ya, axe Kellet and use the guy who was kicking in his place yesterday instead.

Could always trade him to Saskatchewan, They might give you McCallum.