Kellen Moore

Just wanted to say that with minimal picks remaining in the NFL draft he has yet to be picked. I was the one running my mouth about how he will go in the late rounds, looking like i am going to be wrong. Although I still believe he will get picked up as a rookie free agent if he doesnt get selected in the 7th round. Kind of interesting a guy who only lost 3 games in his college career is being looked over.

For those who dont know he is on our Neg list.

I'd love to see him get a chance in Hamilton, he's a great leader and a winner........ but the biggest knock on Moore is his lack of arm strength. People were questioning his ability to complete passes to the outside of the field in the NFL, and this problem would only be amplified with the giant field we have up here.

Perhaps more importantly, Moe Petrus didn't get drafted.

Good call, i actually didnt even look for his name just cause I expected him to get drafted.

Looks like Detroit gobbled him up as a FA:

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At least he won’t have too long of a drive if he gets cut…

I figured this would happen, good luck to Kellen

Kellen Moore has been signed as an undrafted free agent by the Detroit Lions.