Errr…Arius, I think you’re still wearing your Freudian Slip… :lol:

keith needs a city with nightlife, cuz he loves the clubs and getting tipsy.

Not that there is anything wrong with that…
How do you wear a boat anyway?

Bring Keith back. Cates and Keith would be better than Keith and Holmes.

How about Childs? He looks decent. Not bad at all. Same for that big Williams. He can rush the qb.

i no, with a win today we’ll be in second place in the East :smiley:

Not too sure why everyone is coming down hard on Kenton Keith. Imagine our offense with Keith, Cates, and Bishop. The defense wouldn't have a clue. Cates could be a rushing or more of a receiving threat. We all know we could use help in that department right now. I think we'd be unstoppable with KK in there.

were hard on keith because he has a bad record when it comes to the law. plus there is a rider ‘in house’ reason why he missed some games in i believe 2003 that was not game injury related.

but with all that said his $100,000 asking price i would say is too high for the riders.

with cates, childs, foord and when hughes returns i think along with bishop and durant our running game is pretty darn solid.

Kenton Keith is asking for way to much...if the guy could just lower his price he'd be the starting runningback in T.O playing for the winningest head coach in CFL History

It was injury related. But the cause of the injury was not something that happened on-field.

I cant remember where I seen this, but apparently the Argos are no longer interested in signing Keith.

I heard that too Sambo, I think it was the TSN panel during a game this past weekend.

TSN reported in.

just read hes a Rider if the choice was his (after the NFl) so im liking the sounds of that but i just can't see it working out for so many reasons

Toronto is out of the picture because according to Adam Rita we "did our due diligence." That is a good indication that we do not want KK back in Rider green. If he's too hot for Toronto we definitely do not want him back.

good thing Tilman makes the decissions not the posters. If Tilman thinks we have a use for him and our salary cap permit he will be brought in, if not he won't. Simple as that. There are a lot of critical people here who like to put player under the microscope. They should be glad that they are not in that situation.

i guess that is what i was trying to say by using the term ‘not game injury related’ without actually saying what happened to him. but he is still a bad apple and would bring the wrong vibe to the ‘team’ mentality that the riders have built.

boy talk about a smear campaign by some people. If Tillman brought him back he then all of sudden become the next great coming.

Here are some things to think about, the reference to due diligence could mean anything. It could mean that Toronto couldn't afford his salary this year. It could mean that Kieth wasn't going to be available for at least another 3 or 4 weeks. Remember last year J. Richardson was released by Dallas, Tillman said he talked to him but J said he wanted to wait it out. Well the same thing could be happening here. You don't know based on "due diligence"

No moving onto his so called trouble years. Let say, I have heard all kinds of rumors and that is what they are rumors. I won't deal with them because 90% of them are not likely even close to be the truth. But lets deal with the charges for the bar fight in Regina, what happened they were dropped and why not enough evidence. So the question one would have to ask is why were they laid in the first place. The reason was he was with the riders and Trevis Smith had hit the news. Riders "were bad" you can't been viewed of making an honest assessment, throw the book at people and let somelse decide the outcome.

Miketh is right. Why smear Keith? Shivers liked him. ET likes him. They know him and we dont. Charges are not convictions. Charges can be lies. Charges can be wrong. I hope Keith comes back to Riders. 1 of Shivers best ever signings.