now that we don't need him anymore. who in the league would need KK since indy has released him. doubt any other team in the nfl is interested in him but he's still good..Winnipeg? Hamilton?


I wonder what will become of him now. I thought his production on the field last season was alright. Do you think this is more directly related to his nightclub "incident" during the offseason?

well he wont be worth much in the CFL anymore comeback and can be the Riders punt return specialist lol.

Keith sould stay away. Cates all the way!!


I like Cates. But I hope ET tries to sign Keith back. Both great players. Hate how some fans dump on Keith. Not this post. But some fans who call him bad guy. I think that is BS. Shivers and Barrett know Keith. We dont. Tillman knows him. We dont. ET has always said good things about Keith on the radio. Defended him when Pedersen and Carteri dumped on him.

Wonder what Miller thinks? He was not here in 2006. Last season Keith was with Riders.

first a B.C fan thinking Hamilton needs Joe Smith and now a Sask. fan thinking hamilton may need Kenton Keith.

what part of being 1st in basically every single rushing stat says that hamilton needs a runningback?

and if i was going to trade him to a team i'd say T.O.

They have no running game.

Keith may be a game breaker, but who wants the baggage that comes with it? I would agree with the poster who said that Indy released him in part due to the nightclub incident. He thinks he can get away with stuff because he has it in his mind that he is a "star" player wherever he goes? If Toronto wants him, let them have the problem. Just get a good player in return, like say a reciever-- do the names Talbot, Bruce or Miles come to mind?

lol ummmm you do no that Tony Miles is on Hamilton right?


I was thinking since Jesse 'Crystal' Lumsden is challenging the whole rider team for the most injured award every year. Hamilton might want someone with a proven record....on and off the field.

I'm sure 1st in every rushing stat is what they'll put on Hamilton's tomb stone at the end of the regular season.....oh wait except for the fact that you are 6th in rushing :roll:

I thought Kenton Keith was a free agent available to go anywhere in the CFL provided he does not land in the NFL?

Yip! As soon as he is waived through the NFL system, 10 gays I believe, he is a free agent.

oops... forgot he was with the Tabbies now.. :oops:, but my point remains.. if we trade Keith, we should get a top receiver in return.

Its a moot point anyway, since he is a free agent.. but I thought that the Riders retained his CFL rights.

ever heard of Terry Caulley? last year in Lumsdens absence he averaged 6 yards per carry, now this season in lumsdens absence he is averaging 7.9 yards per carry, which is better than lumsden, and then theres also Tre Smith the backup with 8.3 yards per carry.

and how do you figure Hamilton is 6th in rushing?

Hamilton is first in Rushing TD's with 18 (second is Calgary with 9)

First in rushing yards per carry

first in most first downs rushing

First in total rushing yards

First in average rushing yards per game

so yea i think we'll pass on Kenton Keith lol

He'll probably get picked up by another NFL team. I think if anyone would be interested Toronto would be in the CFL.

Your only that high in rushing td's cuz you guys can't pass for one

KK would be the last thing we need. Stay out of Sask. It will be interesting to see if anyone takes him.

Maybe he can be involved in a third night club fight??

lol but thats not the point. every team has their strengths and weaknesses. And Hamilton's Strength on offence happens to be running the ball. Our Weakness as you can see by our 3 passing TD's this season is passing the ball.

so why would we go out and get Kenton Keith, wouldnt it make more sense to try and bolster the recieving corp?

and thats what i was trying to say to Darthrider, being first in almost every rushing stat, there is no need to get another RB

Plus Keith is at NFL weight. He'll need a month or more to drop the 20 pounds needed to be the back he was when he left here.

Give it time Jordan02, your tabbies have a good young team and the other teams in the east are gettin older.

Give the ti-cats 3 years they will be tops in the east