Keith Toston signs with Stumps

Just saw the news that Toston has gone over to the Stumps

Yea, really po'd about that...anybody but to Huff'n Stuff :x

Il va être derrière Cornish et Walter. Ce n'est pas une grosse opportunité pour lui.

Man I don’t get it. Toston looked to be the starter after training camps and in the first game against the TiCats he looked very good then all of a sudden he vanished off the face of the earth or so it would seem. Think letting him go is a big mistake as I thought he was actually better then Allen . Something just doesn’t seem right about this picture and yes him going to the Stumps reallly sucks.

Late for a team meeting followed by criticizing the swift sitting of RBs after fumbles (Allen) in pre-season. Pissed the coaches off...he is not a vet, he is not a captain, and doing it openly in the room is a career decision.


That may be but why not trade him? Personally still think its a mistake. Look at Sheets and how upset he was at Cortez when he didn't get the ball in the game against the stamps yet they didn't bench him. Sure he may have needed to mature but to let the Stamps have him for nothing and I see great potential in him as a RB may not have been a wise move. Think this one come back and haunts us as I have a feeling corndog is almost done.

Toston puts me in mind of sheets in his running style, hits the hole quick and slashes through defenders, When he gets his nose in the clear he chewed up big yards in a hurry. Like I said this one may bite us in the long run.

Well on the bright side.....maybe now we'll get to see him play ball.... :frowning:

For the record I do not approve of the way our coaches handled that situation at all.

I too thought Toston was the man for the job coming out of pre season. The regular season was a sham from the get go if you ask me. Yes we won a fair share of games to start but in my opinion it was on the back of our stellar defense, well those coaches are the ones that are gone now. Our best running back never played until week 18 or something like that.

It just all stinks if you ask me, again for the record I am not liking the way our coaches are handling tough but every day situations.

A good team needs to run like a well coached military operation... not afraid to drop the ball just be afraid to fall short of 1st down. Concentrating solely on carrying the ball is great but it also takes away some of your reads and for sure your ability to try and make good plays.

The best runners ever have dropped the ball at some point in time, it's bound to happen. Let it go, get that ball back and carry on forward. Instead we have ride the pine, install the fear of losing your job so the next time you have only one goal and that is to hang onto the ball. Forget about trying to make just stinks if you ask me.

You can't simply trade an international rookie RB in the CFL. Hell, they never got bites on Picard. And hey...I was as high on Toston as about anyone.

Showed promise.

but now we're rolling the dice on a whole bunch more unknowns . Meanwhile Huff at least knows what Toston brings

Yes, someone to hold down the bench. He will get extremely limited action with the Stamps, IF he makes the club. Their Backfield is Canadian. Their star player is Canadian RB Cornish, and they have a pretty darned good Canadian backing him up in Walters. The only International last season was Jock Sanders, who was a utility back and returner, roles that Toston's mold does not fit.

I am really glad he got inked, but the Stamps was likely the worst team for an International RB to sign with, unless the Huff has a grande plan that involves a shift in offensive philosophy from the past several seasons.

whatever. toston is in tough with the stamps for all the obvious reasons.

He was with the riders all 2014. showed ok on a team with a terrible offensive passing game.

All players on that psycho Cortez's offense should be given a reprieve. But personally I don't give a crap......RB's are a dime a dozen.......right

“All players on that psycho Cortez’s offense should be given a reprieve. But personally I don’t give a crap…RB’s are a dime a dozen…right”

Umm no. I wouldn’t say RB’s like Sheets are “a dime a dozen”. Not saying Toston was that good but we never really got a chance to see if he was or wasn’t. That is what bothers me the most. If he had a fair shot and didn’t look good that is one thing but from the limited action he did get I think he showed he could be a very good back. We now how to watch and see if he get a shot with the stamps and whether this was a good move or not. Hate giving up on a player though and see them become great for another team.