Keith Stokes no longer in Montreal's plans

Anybody read updates on WWW.RDS.CA???

Jim Popp is trying to unload Keith Stokes and Donnovan Carter. If he can’t trade them, he will release them outright.

Over the past few years, Montreal has a tradition of having dangerous return men: Winston October, Keith Stokes, Ezra Landry…Anybody know who the new return man will be?
Avon Cobourne has won the kick-return job again, and is too valuable on special teams and as a backup running back and linebacker to be let go. Stokes was unable to prove he could also win a starting job on the reciever corps.

I've never been impressed with Cobourne.

Letting Stokes go just makes that Karikari for Stokes trade look even sillier than it already did (Argos, after all, released Karikari shortly after making the deal).

Carter not making the team is no big shock; with Mackey and Ellis in the middle, Strickland on one side and John Grace on the other, with Taylor coming back after his injury we're set at LB with young kids for depth.

I might have been persuaded to keep Carter for depth reasons as he can also play safety, but with Proulx and Boulay back there I can understand this move.

I am not so sure about that though. Honestly, was there a return guy in the CFL last year who was impressive with those new blocking rules?

111 yard missed field goal for a TD.....not too shabby

Totally agreed; don't take what I said out of context.....I said I had never been impressed with Cobourne....past tense....a 111 yard return will change my impression in a hurry.

Did you know that Toronto tried that field goal with 0.1 seconds left on the clock/

Talk about it coming back to bite you in the butt

Should make them think twice before trying a stunt like that in the regular season!

Yesterday's post indicating there were really no kick return stars last year as the rules that changed ruined them was right-its great that 2007 has righted a wrong. Cobourne looks a lot better after last night's performance. With the new blocking rules perhaps Cobourne might be the man we were looking for!

Well without itty bitty and Stokes on the outs, here's hoping Cobourne's the man.