Keith Stokes news --

Keith Stokes has turned down offers to workout for 2 NFL teams, in order to kick start contract talks with the Blue Bombers.

Speculation close within the club, says Bombers and Stokes are working on a long term deal that could pay him up to $150,000 /season.

Apparent role has been a issue, and Keith Stokes is wanting to be listed as a SB, not KR.

Bonus news, Kevin Glenn deal is almost done, and is buying a house in Winnipeg.

WOOHOO!!!! Stokes rules!!! a ture CFLer!! and we got Glenn back as well!!


lol kanga. I hate on KR when stokes runs backwards, it pisses me off so much.

When he puts the ball on the ground, that pisses me dog even gets pissed off..

....I am hoping for better things from Kevin Glenn next year....he sounds like he is really wanting to settle in with the Bombers....under Daley last year...I don't think you could say that....Doug Berry will be the best thing that could have happened to Kevins career at this point....under Berrys' guidance I can possibly see him as a premier QB. in the CFL...on Keith Stokes....I hope he's in better shape in 06....he looked a little paunchy to me....but showed flashes of becoming a pretty good reciever...looks like he wants to stay in the Peg....but he's gotta stay away from the great Winnipeg food.... :slight_smile:

good one papa, he did look a little round around the waist line this year, I thought he was bulking up to play full back......anyway I would like to stokes starting at SB with Milt and Brazzell and AJ3 at wide receivers, almost brings a tear to my eye thinking about it, even Glenn should be able to hit one of them you would think......

Keith Stokes turned down 2 workouts for NFL.

If i was Winnipeg Id say, "Go for it."

He'd be nothing more then an extra body in any camp and an early
release. Hell i wouldnt even consider paying him 150g.

Do you guys honestly think he's worth that?

Yea your right..we can't afford it...we have flight 87..
Spend the money on D...why spend in a posistion we have depth in..
If flight87 get's banged up..we still have Robert's to run back kicks...
Me thinks they will sign Stokes for less...and cut him loose if not needed....

I got to agree i hate it when he runs back and forth and side to side to lose 10 yards. Good player yes. Smartest player not by a long shot. But when he breaks free I become a happy man. Tha is if his cutting of the field didn't cause a illegal block or hold

...Keith has a lot of talent....yeah he drops the ball ...and runs in the wrong direction on some returns...but I think he is still a valuable player to the team...I wouldn't like to see Roberts running back punts...unless absolutely necessary.....and with Stokes and Flight running back kicks ....well.. lets just say they could be a real handful...and either of these guys can be slotted in as a receiver.... it... :wink: