Keith Stokes An Argo Again

8) Was listening to an interview with Don Mathews and Adam Rita on the Fan this morning, and they made mention that the Argos have brought Keith Stokes back again !!
  Rita said that Stokes is in the best shape he has ever seen him in, and he had been playing in the Arena football league  !!!

  They plan to insert him into the line up for this weeks game, for what it's worth  !!

   Why the heck didn't the Cats sign Stokes ???  We could use him  !!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

wow, how serious is Dorsey's injury? im assuming they signed him for return purposes to replace Dorsey?

8) When Rita was asked if Dorsey was done for the year, he was non commital !! He said that they just don't know as of right now !!!
  Don't forget, when Dorsey went down with that injury, he was the starting tailback in that game also  !!!

 Ex Cat Jeff Johnson came in to replace Dorsey for the rest of that game  !!

why didnt they keep bethal and just use him as a returner?

Who cares? We have our own worries.

Dorsey is out at least 3 weeks and probably for the season. Stokes was playing Arena football last month and since then has been coaching highschool football in Montreal. It looks like Stokes is just a body to get them through to the end of the season.

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